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Tucker Carlson: Kamala Harris Will Bring Black Lives Matter Agenda To The White House


Tucker Carlson delivered a monologue Thursday night on how the Democratic party has fully embraced the Black Lives Matter movement and incorporated the organization's talking points in the party's platform.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: If you’ve been watching the news, you know that many of America’s most prominent journalists spent the day on the hunt for white supremacists in our midst. They seem highly agitated about it. Why are they so worried? Come on. White supremacist mobs burned our country down. They spent the summer torching buildings and shooting people in Minneapolis, Kenosha, Portland, Seattle, and many places. It was the worst domestic terrorism in this country in more than 50 years. White supremacists did that. We’d better find them. Check under the bed.

Just kidding. That was a joke, obviously, though not every reporter in Washington gets it. Some of them actually believe their own propaganda. They’re too dumb to operate an EZpass, but they’ve telling you the news. It’s a problem. Let’s hope that when the revolution finally ends, someone fixes our newsrooms.

In the meantime, take a moment to consider why their bosses are demanding they tell you something that’s so obviously dishonest. Think hard. Why do people lie? Why do you lie? You lie when you’re caught doing something you don’t want to admit you’ve done. “I didn’t eat the Oreos. Bobby did,” you say as you wipe the crumbs from your face. You lie to divert attention from your own crimes.

That’s what’s happening here. This summer, a political organization aligned with the Democratic Party wrecked our cities. The group is called Black Lives Matter. Here’s some of what they did:


This wasn’t a stealth operation. The rioters proudly announced who they were. Just a few weeks ago, a guy with a not-very-subtle BLM tattoo on his neck assassinated a Trump supporter in Portland. In Louisville, a man who promoted BLM propaganda on social media tried to kill two police officers. In Chicago, a self-described BLM activist defending looting as a form of reparations:

CHICAGO BLM ACTIVIST: Looting is ok. It’s a form of reparations

ARIEL ATKINS, BLM ORGANIZER: They get upset when people start looting... People in this city are struggling through a pandemic so I don’t care if somebody decides to loot a Gucci or a Macy’s or a Nike because that makes sure that person eats. That makes sure that person has clothes. That makes sure that person can make some kind of money because this city obviously doesn’t care about them. Not only that – that’s reparations.

No matter what they tell you, BLM is a not a mainstream organization. Just five years ago, the Democratic Party acknowledged that. In the fall of 2015, in an internal memo to House candidates, a senior Democratic Party official described BLM as a "radical" movement. That July, dozens of BLM activists stormed the stage at a Bernie Sanders event. They chanted slogans like, "If I die in police custody, burn everything down." The next month, a proto-BLM group stormed another Sanders rally. They seized his microphone and denounced attendees as racists and white supremacists. It seemed scary at the time. Democrats asked why Sanders didn't have Secret Service protection. These were people so extreme, they regarded Bernie Sanders as a Nazi. Democrats knew there was no point in reasoning with them.

Now the Democratic Party embraces BLM. Democrats incorporated BLM talking points directly into the Party's platform. You didn’t hear much about that in news coverage of the convention. Just like you probably didn’t hear a lot about Kamala Harris’s speech to the NAACP this Friday. The media didn’t have the time to tell you about it — there were too many of those rioting white supremacists to hunt down. That’s a shame. You should know a lot more about Kamala Harris. Harris is 22 years younger than Joe Biden. If Biden wins, at some point — possibly sooner than we expect — Harris will control the White House. That’s a concern, because few in the Democratic Party have pushed BLM’s message more aggressively than Harris has. Here she was on Friday:

KAMALA HARRIS: Black Lives Matter has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system, because it has been a counterforce to the force within the system that is so grounded in status quo and in its own traditions, many of which have been harmful and have been discriminatory in the way that they’ve been enforced.

“Black Lives Matter has been the most significant agent for change within the criminal justice system,” says Harris. What does that mean exactly? What exactly is BLM’s prescription for change to our justice system? Don’t take our word for it. Listen to Patrisse Cullors. She’s one of the founders of BLM. Here’s what she said this summer:

PATRISSE CULLORS, BLACK LIVES MATTER: Until and unless our leaders become signatory to the BREATHE Act — to legislation that eliminates the federal government’s ability to give multi-million dollar grants to militarize police forces; dismantles punitive like ICE, Border Patrol, and the DEA; ends the use of surveillance systems being used to target protesters; and bans the use of police agencies to suppress political dissent — the Democratic Party of today will be remembered as the party of complicity.

Dismantle ICE and the DEA. No more drug or border enforcement. That’s what Kamala Harris is endorsing. Eliminating law enforcement agencies is hardly a moderate position. It’s a radical position. Kamala Harris is a radical person. Listen to her describe the founders of BLM:

HARRIS: The brilliance and the impact of Black Lives Matter and their brilliance in conceiving it, history is going to show was an inflection point in the ongoing fight for justice, to your point (edit) understanding that nothing that we have achieved that has been about progress in this country has come without a fight. Nothing that we have achieved in our country that has been about progress, and in particular around civil rights has come without a fight.

They’re brilliant, Harris says. They like to fight. Patrisse Cullors certainly does. Cullors is a self-described Marxist, who’s not afraid to defend looting on television. Watch her do it:

PATRISSE CULLORS, BLACK LIVES MATTER: Looting isn’t that big a deal...

SETH MEYERS: The protests have been overwhelmingly peaceful but there’s been a media focus on looting.

CULLORS: We are very obsessed with property damage. Property damage is seen as the pinnacle of destruction, violence and we rarely hear the media focus on police violence or police terror.

Just another brilliant friend of Kamala Harris’s. In any other year, a vice presidential candidate openly supporting people like this would be a major national scandal. It might be enough to get Harris bounced off the ticket. Not in 2020. No one’s saying a word about it. They’re hoping you won’t notice.
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