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Graham to Comey: You Knew Steele Dossier "Pee Tape" Story Was Russian Disinformation; "Never Told The Court"


Sen. Lindsey Graham questioned fired FBI Director James Comey about why he allowed the Steele dossier to be passed off as legitimate intelligence information during the investigation into possible links between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016, during a Wednesday Senate Judiciary hearing on "Operation: Crossfire Hurricane".

SEN. LINDSEY GRAHAM: In other words, the intelligence community had assessed that the Steele dossier's description of a sexual escapade was actually a Russian disinformation campaign. Did you know that when it came out?

JAMES COMEY: I'm not familiar with what you're reading from.

LINDSEY GRAHAM: It's in the Horowitz report. I guess what I'm saying is the Horowitz report, information they had in the file that the whole scenario with Trump in the whole sexual escapade was Russian disinformation. If in fact, the Russians had infiltrated Steele's sources to create this myth about the sexual misconduct of the president...

What I'm here to say that there's ample evidence of the other side being involved with Russia to create a scandal around Trump. They hired a foreign agent on the payroll of the Democratic party who have hired a Russian spy to create a document that was absolutely full of misinformation and complete lies. Did you know there is no Russian consulate in Miami and the dossier mentions that there was one? Shouldn't the court have been told that part of the dossier is not reliable? Do you also know Michael Cohen's adventures in Prague never happened? The dossier asserts Michael Cohen went to Prague on some venture for Trump and Russia, and it never happened. And they know it didn't happen. They had information from a foreign government saying it's not true, and they never told the court.
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