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Sidney Powell: Obama's Fingerprints Are "All Over" Flynn Investigation


Sidney Powell, attorney for Michael Flynn, weighs in on new information regarding the Flynn investigation in an interview Friday night on FOX Business Network. Powell called on Judge Emmet Sullivan to "get it right" and salvage what is left of his reputation.

"What was President Obama and the Obama administration doing here?" host Elizabeth MacDonald asked.

"They were exerting significant pressure on Comey and McCabe to keep the investigation going," Powell said. "Apparently, particularly with Comey's meetings with Biden and Obama, and Susan Rice, and Sally Yates and January 5th, and apparently for a few days before, either by phone or some kind of other meeting that, I think, is reflected in [Peter] Strzok's notes that were given to us a few weeks ago indicating Obama said he wanted the right people put on it and the investigation to continue. And Biden mentioned the Logan Act. I think there was a meeting before the 5th, or at least a conversation before the 5th, that included that information."

Last month, Powell told MacDonald that she has "a lot of questions for" former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates.

"Are you going to take this to the Supreme Court?" the FBN host asked.

"If we have to," Powell answered. "I'm hoping Judge Sullivan gets it right and salvages what is left of his reputation because he was the hero in my book 'License to Lie,' only to be a major disappointment."

"The ones who were trying to make up a crime against him certainly should be prosecuted for obstruction of justice," Powell said. "The abuse of power that went into the extended investigation and the harassment of him and his son proposed violations of Section 242, I think, abuse of power involving his civil rights, and those are at least misdemeanor offenses that should be prosecuted, especially in this circumstance."

"Lawyers should, at minimum, should lose their law licenses, and those who knew exactly what they were doing and working so hard to do it here should be prosecuted for their conspiracies and falsification of documents and everything else," Powell added.

"It just feels like a real like when you put it all together, this was a top-down effort just to get President Trump and Michael Flynn... FBI agents talking about behind the scenes people here are scrambling for information to support their theories. It's a madhouse. Things like Andrew McCabe, thought to be the, quote, 'worst offender' in rabbit hole thinking and conspiracy theories about this. So when you put it all together it just feels like a real push to bring down or block President Trump to be elected on the part of the Obama administration. I think that's what people want to know, how much was President Obama's fingerprints on this?" MacDonald asked.

"His fingerprints are all over it," Powell said. "There's the reference in the new text messages about how his briefing went on January 5th. So it was a full-fledged briefing. And, of course, we have Susan Rice's memo on it and James Comey's memo on it. There's a lot of information about that, and now we know that there are other people who need to be asked about it as well."
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