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Trump: "You Have To Have A President Who Is Going To Work His Ass Off For This Country," Biden Takes Days Off


President Donald Trump mocked Democratic nominee for president Joe Biden for his lack of worth ethic on the campaign trail at a rally Friday night in Virginia. Trump also said no matter how Biden performs at the first presidential debate the media will lavish him and will even go as far as to compare his conduct to Winston Churchill.

"How can we have Joe Biden representing this country?" Trump asked. "You know, he is on the lid. You know the lid, right? The lid is when they say we will put a lid on it. So I guess it means probably what it's supposed -- I have no idea. It's a lid. But it's an expression. Every day, early in the morning, they say Joe, I mean Joe Biden, Sleepy Joe, he's put a lid on it. Sir, Biden put a lid on it. What does that mean? That means he is not working today. This guy takes more days off."

"You have to have a president that's going to work his ass off for this country. We need energy. We need a very energetic president," the president said to applause.

"They said how do you think he will do in the debate? I think good," Trump said. "He's been doing it for 47 years. I think he is going to do good. I think. One thing we know -- if he does just okay, just okay, they're going to say, the fake news, they will say it's the single greatest debate performance in history. It was unbelievable, far better than Winston Churchill in his prime. Winston Churchill was nothing compared to Sleepy Joe. So you know that."

"If he finishes, which I think he will, he might even do well," Trump said. "But if he does well, they will say it's the greatest debate. They have it already written. They have a couple of scenarios. If he does really poorly, they're going to say he wasn't bad. He wasn't bad. If he does modestly well like he did against Bernie, they were sort of even. If he does like that, they'll say it was the greatest performance in history. But with your vote, I will preserve our constitution and ensure law and order."
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