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Gutfeld: Media Ignoring Hunter Biden Story; "This Ain't The Steele Dossier, It's The Real Dossier"


GREG GUTFELD, FOX NEWS: We finally got an answer to the question: Where's Hunter Biden?

Apparently he’s been everywhere, influence-peddling like a nepotistic grifter on a unicycle. GOP senators released their report on Hunter Biden's shady dealings when his pop was vice president.

Joe Biden claims his kid just got lucky and found a job on Craigslist.

In 2015, Obama administration officials alerted the White House that Hunter Biden's odd Ukrainian business deals may be a conflict of interest, since his dad was overseeing Ukrainian problems. There was the smoke of sleaze: lavish spending, wired mountains of cash.

Meaning, they shared the same concerns Trump had, when he made that perfect phone call.

But when your dad's the No. 2 guy, Hunter could look out for No. 1, making millions. He made more doing nothing than you'll make in a lifetime of working hard.

And the White House ignored the lunacy of the vice president’s son sitting on a board of a company owned by a corrupt oligarch while the White House tried to deal with the corruption. Joe should have stopped this. But he didn't.

Treasury records show potential criminal transactions between Hunter, his family and Ukrainian, Russian and Chinese nationals — some linked to prostitution and human trafficking.

The Democrats’ response? This probe wasted effort that could have been directed at COVID.

This from the clowns who embraced a phony dossier for years — then gleefully shoved the pandemic aside to indulge their impeachment fetish.

And speaking of clowns with fetishes, the media have already buried this story. It’s a hatchet job, they say. Dems call it a witch hunt. Who cares?

What goes around comes around. This ain’t the Steele dossier, it’s the real dossier. No wonder it's not leading the news.

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