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Gov. DeSantis: Florida Will Defund Cities That Try To Defund Police


Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis joined FNC's Tucker Calrson on Monday to announce a new law he is proposing to prevent violent protests and riots that have been occurring around the country this summer from "running amok" in Florida.

"Any municipality which defunds the police, which is just an insane policy, it’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face, if you do that, the state government’s going to defund you," DeSantis said. "We’re not going to be sending you money if you’re doing things like that."

"What happens in Oregon, they go in, they get their mug shot taken, and then they’re right back on the street doing the same thing. How is that a deterrent? ... Do we really want to keep playing whack-a-mole?"

"Once somebody throws a brick at a police officer during one of these demonstrations, and then they have to go immediately to jail, they’re going to stop. They’re not going to do it. If they get away with it, they’re going to continue to do it," the governor said. "Some of the people on the far left, they are just anti-police. They do believe in defunding the police. So when you have me standing in front of all of these sheriffs and police chiefs saying, ‘No, no no, you’re not going to defund the police, we’ll defund you, you’re going to jail if you hurt a police officer,’ really any citizen, they’re basically caught in this position."
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