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Biden On COVID-19 Vaccine: "I Trust Vaccines, I Trust Scientists, I Don’t Trust Donald Trump"


During a brief speech on COVID-19 on Tuesday, former VP Joe Biden delivered remarks on the development and distribution of a vaccine, saying he may not trust one distributed by the Trump administration.

"I trust vaccines. I trust scientists. I don’t trust Donald Trump" the Democratic nominee said.

JOE BIDEN: Scientific breakthroughs don’t care about calendars any more than the virus does.

They certainly don’t adhere to election cycles.

And their timing, their approval, and their distribution should never, ever be distorted by political considerations. They should be determined by science and safety alone.

A vaccine would offer a way back to normalcy and a path forward to better days for all of us.

It won’t happen overnight. It will take months to distribute it to the entire population.

But I’m more hopeful than ever in the power of science to get us there.

One thing is certain, we cannot allow politics to interfere with a vaccine in any way.

Americans have had to endure President Trump’s incompetence and dishonesty when it came to testing and personal protective equipment.

We cannot afford a repeat of those fiascos when it comes to a vaccine. The stakes are too high American families have already suffered and sacrificed far too much.

So let me be clear, I trust vaccines. I trust the scientists. But I don’t trust Donald Trump — and the American people can’t either.

Last week, Senator Harris and I laid out three questions this Administration must answer — to assure the American people that politics will play no role whatsoever in the vaccine process.

If Donald Trump can give honest answers to these questions — the American people should have the confidence and transparency they need to trust a vaccine and adopt it in numbers that make a difference.

First, what criteria will be used to ensure that a vaccine meets the scientific standard of safety and effectiveness?

Second, if the Administration greenlights a vaccine — who will validate that the decision was driven by science rather than politics?

Third, how can we be sure that the distribution of the vaccine will take place — safely, cost-free, and without a hint of favoritism?

The fact of the matter is developing a vaccine is only part of the battle.

Distributing a vaccine to the entire population is as complex and challenging as the most sensitive military operation.

I’ve been calling for an effective distribution plan for months.

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