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Chicago Police: Every Week We Have More Violent Crime Committed By People Who Should Be In Jail


Chicago Police Supt. David Brown said that the 54 people shot and 13 killed this weekend is unacceptable and blamed the early release of prisoners and suspects of violent crimes from jail is undermining police efforts to save lives.

"That's more than New York City and LAPD recovered combined," he said about the number of shootings. "One of the shootings this weekend was someone we had arrested for possessing an illegal gun, so that person is in that number. And they're on electronic monitoring, and they were involved in a shooting where six people were shot."

"This person has seven felonies and they are out on our streets. What are we doing?"

"It is beyond frustrating, it makes your blood boil if you are one of those victims -- a person who is out of jail on electronic monitoring had seven felonies and was arrested by Chicago Police officers and his gun was recovered, another felony, possession of an illegal gun, he's out of jail. I don't want to be te reporter. I want to be the fact-checker."

"This is what we're doing, making the arrest of people with illegal guns... and yet every weekend we bring forth an example of a person out of jail that should be in jail. Violent offenders should spend more time in jail in this city."
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