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Karl Rove On Coronavirus: "What Did Joe Biden Know, And When Did He Know It?"


Former Bush advisor Karl Rove said that Democrats and the Biden campaign were overplaying their hand with attempts to blame President Trump for the severity of the coronavirus pandemic, whipping out three of his infamous whiteboards on Thursday's edition of FNC's "Hannity."

"First of all, I was intrigued by his rhetoric in his speech," Rove said about comments made this week by Joe Biden. "He said ‘The president failed to do his job on purpose.’ That is to say, the president wanted people to die, he wanted them to get sick, and he did it on purpose. [Biden] said, this is ‘a life and death betrayal.’ I mean, that is really over the top."

"He deliberately attacks the president in an over-the-top way," Rove said. "What did Joe Biden know, and when did he know it, and what was he thinking at the time this coronavirus came on? Because right now he is saying, 'President Trump did everything wrong, I’m a genius, if you would only listen to me, if I’d only been in charge.' So I’m sitting here saying, here is a guy lecturing the country, saying Donald Trump killed people deliberately, and if he’d only listened to me. When he and his people are not saying we need to shut down the economy, we need to have everybody wear a mask, we need to quarantine in place, we need to do this, we need to do that — in fact, they’re saying that’s a fear epidemic and the idea that this is going to be a serious pandemic is very unlikely."
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