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Scott Adams: Trump Is The Most Successful Stand-Up Comic Ever; Democrats Want To Burn Down The Country Because They Don't Get The Joke


During Monday morning's "Coffee With Scott Adams" podcast, the comedian and 'Dilbert' creator again discussed Joe Biden's repeated references to what Adams calls the "fine people in Charlottesville" race hoax. Last week, Adams extensively explained how a simple edited video has convinced tens of millions of people that President Trump ever praised members of hate groups after the deadly clash in Charlottesville 2017.

This week, he compared the "fine people" hoax to the newest outrage about the president, The Atlantic editor-in-chief Jeffrey Goldberg's "anonymous source" alleging that the president insulted those buried in an American war cemetery during a visit to France in 2018.

According to Adams, the common thread between why so many people believe these claims to be true without any evidence (or even in the face of counterevidence) could be that they simply have no sense of humor. People hate the president so much because they literally can't recognize the difference between an off-color joke and violent hate speech.

Adams described a conversation he had on Twitter with an actress who said she believed the claims in Goldberg's article because of the joke Trump made in 2015 about John McCain not being a war hero because he was "captured."

"This is typical Trump, he is a dumb, hate-filled liar and misogynist!" Scott's Twitter correspondent said.

"When I saw that I commented back [that] Trump told a Chris Rock joke about McCain because Chris Rock actually did that same joke before Trump did," Adams replied. "And then I said, you literally want to overthrow the government because you don't recognize a joke. That's actually what happened, this is someone who wants to get rid of Trump at any cost in part because she doesn't recognize a joke. So, I said maybe the problem's on your end."

She responded: "B.S. Circus with Trump's trained Monkeys defending his stupidities. What's wrong with you people? Who cares if Chris Rock made a joke?"

"See where this is going?" Scott asked, holding back a laugh. "She has now acknowledged that the president told a joke. She did not know until I explained it that it was a joke. So now she has to change her objection from being a horrible thing he said, to 'Yeah, it was a joke but it was still horrible, and here's why.'"

She responded: "A president must know better than to say something like that! There are better things to quote as president, how do you fall for this crap?"

"Now, she also said earlier that Trump had no sense of humor, therefore it couldn't be a joke. To which I pointed out that he is the most successful stand-up comedian in the history of humanity. His rallies with gigantic audiences are literally stand-up comedy. He does it to entertain. He literally says funny things and his audience laughs. And they go because he will say funny things that will make them laugh. He's literally the most successful stand-up comedian in the history of civilization if you look at the numbers of people who go in person," Adams revealed. "You have to admit the reason the crowd is so big is because he brings entertainment and humor."

"So how can you be an informed voter like [this person] says she is without knowing the president is not only someone who knows what a joke is, recognizes them, and is the most successful humorist of all time? (In terms of stand-up comedy in front of a large audience.)"

"So when you catch someone off guard? Do they change their mind when they get new information? Well, I've never seen it happen."

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