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Kamala Harris Doesn't Take Questions At Milwaukee Event Billed As "Roundtable Discussion"


At the end of a campaign event billed as a "roundtable discussion" with union workers and black business owners in Milwaukee on Monday, Democratic vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris simply walked away, saying "I think we're all done here," when a co-host passed her the mic and called for questions.

The Biden campaign's refusal to hold press conferences or even answer questions outside of formal interviews is one of several new lines of attack the Trump campaign has deployed this month.

"I once lived in Wisconsin, it is part of my story," Harris told the audience as she walked away.

"Thank you," a staffer said. "We're all set."


Democratic vice presidential nominee Kamala Harris made campaign stops in Wisconsin Monday (Labor Day) to meet with union workers and black business owners.

Her running mate Joe Biden, and her opponent Mike Pence both also hit the campaign trail Monday, with events commemorating Labor Day.

Watch Harris's full event below:

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