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Biden Slams Trump Over COVID Response At AFL-CIO Labor Day Convention


Democratic candidate Joe Biden spoke Monday at a Labor Day event in Harrisburg, PA -- an AFL-CIO virtual town hall with union President Richard Trumka. Biden agreed with his running mate Kamala Harris, who said Sunday that she would not trust a Coronavirus vaccine distributed by the Trump administration.

“I want full transparency on the vaccine,” he said.

“One of the problems is the way he’s playing with politics is he’s said so many things that aren’t true. I’m worried that if we have a really good vaccine, people will be reluctant to take it. So, he’s undermining public confidence.”

Biden also focused on jobs and the economy, speaking to the union members.

"The fact is that we’re in a position where we can fundamentally grow this country, just by no other reason by investing in infrastructure," he told them.

President Trump and his running mate Mike Pence joined Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris all also hit the campaign trail this Labor Day.
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