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Pence: "Vigorously Investigating" Where Riots Are Being Organized From, Antifa Moving People Around Country


Vice President Mike Pence joins Fox News chief political anchor Bret Baier on 'Special Report' and talked about rioters and where they are being trained.

"I think people can see this is an organized effort in part," Pence said. "Some of it may be spontaneous. And the radical left certainly has its adherents in every city in the country. But we're looking to the Justice Department to get to the bottom of it."

BRET BAIER:  Here's more from your predecessor, former Vice President Biden. 
JOSEPH BIDEN (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE:  This is a sitting president of the United States of America. 
He's supposed to be protecting his country, but, instead, he's rooting for chaos and violence. The simple truth is, Donald Trump failed to protect America. So, now he's trying to scare America.
BAIER:  Trying to scare America?
VICE PRESIDENT MIKE PENCE:  Well, I think that's the kind of rhetoric that people here in Pennsylvania and around the country see straight through.
I mean, what the American people are concerned about are these left-wing mobs that have been allowed to run roughshod in places like Portland and New York and Seattle and over the last several days in Kenosha.
I mean, look, there -- there's -- there's no excuse for what happened to George Floyd months ago. And justice will be served. But there's also no excuse for the rioting and the looting and the violence that has followed.
And the American people know they have a president who is going to demand that governors and mayors in these Democrat-run cities and these Democrat states step up, do their job, restore law and order. 
BAIER:  You didn't mention Jacob Blake there.
PENCE:  And that's really the choice that we have. 
BAIER:  You didn't mention Jacob Blake there?
PENCE:  Well, Jacob Blake, that -- that's a tragic situation that is under investigation today. It--
BAIER:  But seven times. 
PENCE:  Well, shot seven times. And we grieve an incident like that. We really do. 
But I want to let the investigation play out. It's remarkable that Joe Biden yesterday announced that it was an unwarranted police shooting, before we have all the facts in.
But, frankly, if you look at the last administration, Joe Biden and Barack Obama often reflexively criticized law enforcement. It's one of the reasons why, in the last campaign, President Trump enjoyed so much support from law enforcement, because we're -- we're going to follow the facts. 
Justice will be served in every case. We abhor violence in any circumstances. But we're not going to reflexively condemn law enforcement. President Trump, his vice president, our administration are going to stand with the men and women of law enforcement. 
We're going to let investigations proceed and justice served. 
BAIER:  Understood.
Speaking of facts, we're trying to get to the bottom of this story that the president has now told twice to reporters, that a person was on a plane, said there were six people dressed in black, filled with looters, rioters, anarchists, people looking for trouble. 
Do you know what he's talking about? 
PENCE:  Well, I think what the president's referring to is actually what we heard in many of the cities that -- I know, in Detroit, there were a large number of arrests several weeks ago.
And the vast majority of people were from out of state. The same thing -- the same thing occurred in arrests that took place in recent cities. I mean, we -- look, there's something going on here, where the radical left, these anarchists and Antifa are moving people around the country.
And it's one of the reasons that the Justice Department is looking into where -- where is the funding for this coming from? I think the American people can see what's happening here.
BAIER:  What hasn't there been an arrest or a charge against anybody funding this? I mean, it's been going on for some time. We haven't seen any Antifa arrests or people tied with the funding of this operation. 
PENCE:  Well, that's actually not right, Bret.
We have actually -- the Justice Department has overseen about 300 arrests since--
BAIER:  Well, specifically, but not coordinated.
PENCE:  -- the violence has broken out in cities around the country. 
And we're going to continue to lean into that effort. We're going to make sure the American people know that we're going to work closely--
BAIER:  On the organizing side of it?
PENCE:  -- with state officials and law enforcement side. But we're vigorously investigating where this is being organized from.
I remember -- I remember when the -- when the rioting and the setting fire of buildings in Washington, D.C., was taking place. We actually heard that some organization was pre-positioning assets and resources around the city. 
And so I think people can see this is an organized effort in part. Some of it may be spontaneous. And the radical left certainly has its adherents in every city in the country. But we're looking to the Justice Department to get to the bottom of it. 
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