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Trump: I'm The One Thing Standing Between Your Family And The Radical Left-Wing Mob, "I'm A Wall"


President Donald Trump delivered campaign-style remarks after touring the Mariotti Building Products plant in Old Forge, Penn. on Thursday. He said if you want mobs and criminals then you should vote for Democrats in November.

"There's only one thing standing between your family and the radical left-wing mob and that is your vote this November," Trump said. "This is a very important. I feel like I am a wall."

"If you want mobs and criminals, you've got to vote Democrat," the president said.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: You know we built the wall on the southern border, going to have 300 miles by 2 weeks from now, even less. 300 miles.

And by the end of the year, we'll be up to almost 500 miles and then we're going to go on a little bit further. Some areas that are loose, a little bit loose we found out. We're going to put a little bit more, about 536 miles going up at a record clip. It's doing phenomenally well.

If you want mobs and criminals, you've got to vote Democrat. Look, because that's what it's about. It's--they don't talk about law and order. Now, I'm bringing it up now, but they haven't seen anybody get up. I got just the other day endorsed by all the sheriffs of Florida, all the law enforcement.

I got endorsed by Pennsylvania, I got endorsed by Texas, by Ohio, I mean, I think everybody. I don't know. How can you endorse somebody else? How can--how can law enforcement endorse somebody else? We gave all of our all of our ex-Army equipment--you know, we have tremendous surplus equipment and it was sitting in warehouses all over the United States. Hundreds of millions of dollars. I distributed it to the police. Whereas Biden and Obama, they didn't want to do that because they said no, no, no. It makes the police look too strong. I want the police to look strong. They've got to look strong. And a lot of it was protective equipment.

If you want jobs and you want a lot of police and you want a lack of crime--you know, if you take away New York and Chicago and some of these terrible cities that you see about, you know, with the crime--the crime is so bad. I left New York four years ago and I could see, because he's a terrible mayor, I could see there were things they were happening they were bad. He's no Rudy Giuliani, I can tell you that. But I could see things were happening.

But the last six months, seven months it just exploded. It's incredible. Crime up 368 percent. 368 percent. It's crazy. It's crazy. But if you want law and order, and I can say--sometimes they'll say, sir, say it gently. People want to hear gently. They don't want--say it gently. Don't say law and order. Say if you'd like law and order and safety... If you want law and order, you've got to have law and order. You can't have what's happening in Portland. Did you see the kid get whacked the other day? Just whacked like he was a piece of garbage. I mean, home could take it? We don't want that. And pretty soon, we're going to have to send in our people because you know, we're supposed to wait till request--I don't know if they were embarrassed or what, but these Democrat cities, they are out of control.

They have none--look at Seattle where she said no, we want a summer of love. I mean, this woman is crazy. And they would have never taken back Seattle except they knew we were going in the next day. That's the only reason they even did it.

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