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CNN's Chris Cuomo: "We Should Be Proud As Americans" That Kamala Harris Is VP Nominee


CNN's Chris Cuomo chats with colleague Don Lemon about Kamala Harris being officially nominated as the Democratic party's candidate for vice president.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: Yes, about, ask yourself, why don't they want us to vote?

Why do they make it harder to vote?

Why do they have questions about maybe it being too easy to vote?

You know, this is a very direct message during a dark time and, by the way, being a fellow Philadelphian, the home of 1776 and saying 76 more days, this is not a time for subtlety.

What you were saying about saying his name or what I call the Voldemort effect, you know, he who shall not be named, it's no time for subtlety.

We are literally dying because of governmental inaction. Our kids aren't going to go back to school in many places because of governmental inaction. And we don't have any answer that will change those things anytime soon.

Now I don't know what Biden's plan is, he and Kamala Harris are going to have to say it, I know they'll say they'll do more. We'd better hear it, it's time to make the case.

But tonight, she didn't just make history because of what she is. She's going to add to this ticket because of how she is. This woman is a prosecutor in chief. She will throw straight punches that will land directly in the face of Donald Trump.

And she does it with facts, she's done it in hearings, she's done it in the debates. That's what she's going to add to this ticket. Yes, she makes history by identification and rightly so. We should be proud of it as Americans, that we are able to embrace diversity still, even in an environment of such division.

But it's how she will conductor herself during this campaign that I think does Biden the biggest favor.
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