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Jimmy Dore: Democratic Party Is The Pro-War Party, Biden's Career Has Been Nothing But Imperialism


YouTube personality Jimmy Dore called Tuesday night's DNC a "war rally" due to several pro-Syria war speakers and said the Democratic party is the "pro-war party." In an interview with Tucker Carlson on FOX News tonight, Dore said Joe Biden's entire career has been about imperialism and the Obama-Biden administration took the U.S. from 2 wars to 7 wars.

"Last night, I'm sure there are lots of things in the Democratic platform you agree with but the emphasis last night on pure neoconservatism, just flat out we are going to get us more involved in Syria, where did this come from, exactly?" host Tucker Carlson asked.

"That was like a war rally at their convention," Dore responded. "I was waiting for a football game to break out. You know, one thing John Kerry is right about his Trump's foreign policy is kind of incoherent but Joe Biden, his entire career has been nothing but imperialism. Joe Biden not only voted for the Iraq war, he shamed Democrats who weren't supporting it. He was a vocal supporter of it."

"How about when he became the vice president, they took us from two wars to seven," he said. "He did Libya. Then he wanted to do Syria. We're still in Yemen. So these guys are nothing but saber-rattling, warmongering maniacs."

"We have one party in this country, Tucker, it's the military-industrial complex party and that's what we are seeing," Dore added.

"Even when Trump tried to take us, he kind of was threatening to take us out of Afghanistan, threatening to take us out of Syria, the Democrats jumped in to stop it," Dore continued. "So we have one party and its a war party and it's amazing, they got Colin Powell to endorse them, a bona fide war criminal who lied us into the Iraq war."

"The one piece of policy it seemed that everybody agreed on was that the Iraq war was a good idea, that's what it seemed like," he said. "Those are the people that they have come on to endorse Joe Biden, the architects of the Iraq war and you don't think this is a failed party?"
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