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Tucker Carlson: "Worry About What Kamala Harris Plans To Do To Your Country"


Tucker Carlson said there are a lot of things you need to know about Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden's pick for vice president, in his opening monologue on Wednesday's broadcast of his FOX News program.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: The first thing to know about Kamala Harris is that in just a few months, she could run your country. If Biden wins the election, Kamala Harris will effectively become the president. Everyone knows this. Democratic donors understand it best of all. America’s big banks have long controlled Joe Biden. For decade he’s faithfully done their bidding. In return, they send him money, far more than they send to the Trump campaign. The banks may have been a little nervous about the prospect of Stacey Abrams. They were thrilled when Biden chose Harris. On twitter, they cheered the news. The consulting group Signum Global sent a bulletin telling its clients to rest easy: the Democratic ticket is under control. Just last night, the DNC held a fundraiser with lobbyists for Credit Suisse, Raytheon, Western Union, and Exxon Mobil. All is well on Wall Street tonight.

How about the rest of the country? Actual voters have never shown much enthusiasm for Kamala Harris. Harris was so remarkably unpopular in the Democratic primaries, that despite nonstop media cheerleading, she was forced to drop out before the first contest. Biden’s handlers know this, obviously. They don’t care. They’re betting you hate Donald Trump so much, you’ll make her president anyway. Like their friends at Google, the Biden campaign understands it’s got a monopoly. They plan to exploit it.

This is not the democracy we were promised. It’s not democracy at all. It’s oligarchy, and it has consequences. If candidates are only accountable to a small number of partisan executives in New York and San Francisco, they’re unlikely to care when your neighborhood police station is on fire. They probably won’t be too upset when packs of mentally ill homeless take over your street, or your nephew overdoses on fentanyl. They have no incentive to improve your life. Instead, they just lecture you about your moral failings. That's the system we have now. Kamala Harris embodies it.

It’s all pretty sad and unnerving. What if we had an election, and no one cared what voters thought? We’re about to find out. But before you get too depressed, take a moment to enjoy the breathtaking absurdity of it all. The most oblivious politician in America has joined forces with the most calculating politician in America. Neither one believes anything. Only one of them knows what day it is. It’s kind of hilarious. When Biden called Harris yesterday, there was a script visible on his desk. The Democratic nominee is unable to speak to his running mate without assistance. Here’s how it went:

HARRIS: Hi hi hi sorry to keep you.

BIDEN: That’s alright. You ready to go to work?

HARRIS: Oh my god. I am so ready to go to work.

BIDEN: First of all, is the answer yes?

HARRIS: The answer is absolutely yes, Joe. I am ready to work. I am ready to do this with you, for you. I am just deeply honored and very excited.

"I'm sorry to keep you," Harris says. Not since Elizabeth Warren pretended to drink a beer with her husband, has an exchange that fake been captured on video. There are Mexican soap operas more authentic than that. And yet you still have to wonder how many times they had to re-shoot the scene before Biden got his lines right: “Let’s try it again, Mr. Vice President. Warm personal conversation, take 11.” It’s going to be a long three months. Do your best to enjoy it.

But as you do, pay close attention to what Harris says about what she believes. She’ll try not to say much. Public policy is the last thing the Biden campaign wants to talk about. The plan is to skate by on Harris’s “historic” status, combined with relentless attacks on Trump. The New York Times, for one, doesn’t think you should worry about what Harris plans to do to your country if she’s elected. Moments after she joined the Biden campaign, the paper declared Harris a quote, “pragmatic moderate.” Why’d they say that? To send a signal to everyone else in the business. At this late stage in Amercian journalism, the New York Times exists primarily as a kind of assignment editor for producers at CNN. If the Times says it, the 26-year-old Vassar grads who decide what’s on cable television faithfully repeat it. Expect to hear a lot about Harris’s pragmatic moderation in coming weeks. You probably already are.

But is Harris actually a moderate? Let’s see. Here she is last year calling for congress to change the constitution of the United States, so that 16-year-olds can vote. For the sake of argument, pretend as you watch this that Harris means what she says. Then ask yourself: what kind of person could make an argument like that in public without blushing? Only someone who’d never met an actual 16-year-old:

QUESTION: Do you believe that Americans should have the right to vote at age 16?

HARRIS: I'm really interested in having that conversation. I have to tell you that. I think that there is no question that if we are looking at what is going on in our country, we are putting more responsibilities on people at a younger age, and the larger number of people that we can involve in the electoral process, I think the more robust it would be.

Turning the government over to tenth graders, Harris says, would make the country more “robust.” For sure. No more school. Free dab pens for everyone! Endless possibilities for more robustness. Does Harris really believe this? A few years ago, she had a very different assessment of young people. Watch:

HARRIS: Young people are stupid.

During a keynote address at a symposium hosted by the Ford Foundation, the then–California attorney general — now Democratic candidate for president — laid out her vision for a crime recidivism reduction initiative in Los Angeles.

HARRIS: We mold and shape and direct someone to become a productive adult. What’s the other thing we know about this population? And it’s a specific phase of life. And remember, age is more than a chronological fact. What else do we know about this population, 18 through 24? They are stupid.

Young people are stupid. That’s why we need more of them to vote. It makes sense actually: When the entire electorate is as passive as Joe Biden is, you can pretty much do what you want. You can wield total control. That’s what Harris is arguing. Say what you will about her position, but it’s not moderate. It’s radical. Many of Harris’s views are. Consider this tape, in which she explains how the federal government ought to respond to the coronavirus pandemic. Whatever you think of affirmative action, it’s likely you never imagined it would be applied to lifesaving medical treatment. Harris thinks it should be:

HARRIS: The disparities that have long existed based on race are now highlighted so one of the things I’m calling for with this pandemic is that we make decisions based on where the resources should go, based on that issue.

So only people of a certain color get the vaccine. That’s what she’s saying. Among other things, that’s immoral. It’s also unconstitutional. But it’s definitely not moderate. Nor is this: Here’s Harris in the Senate from two years ago, telling the acting director of ICE that federal law enforcement officers are a domestic terrorist group:


HARRIS: Why? Why would we call them a domestic terrorist group?

VITIELLO: Because they've tried to use fear and force to change political environment.

HARRIS: And what was the motivation for the use of fear and force?

VITIELLO: It was based on race and ethnicity.

HARRIS: Right. Are you aware of the perception of many about how the power and the discretion that ICE is being used to enforce the laws? And do you see any parallels?

"Do you see any parallels" between federal law enforcement officers and the KKK? Harris wanted to know. But not really. The answer was embedded in the question: “Ever notice you act a lot like Hitler?” Harris wasn’t really asking. She was attacking, in the sleaziest, most passive-aggressive possible way. But don’t fight back. The only people who criticize Kamala Harris are morally bad people. She’s been saying that for years, even of her fellow Democrats. Last fall, as her presidential campaign began to collapse from lack of popular support, Harris suggested that the real problem was that her party had too many racists in it:

HARRIS: what I describe and what I believe to be the elephant in the room about my campaign.
REPORTER: What is that?

HARRIS: Electability.

REPORTER: What do you mean?

HARRIS: Electability. You know, essentially, is America ready for a woman and a woman of color to be president of the United States?

REPORTER: America was ready for a black man to be president of the United States.

HARRIS: And this conversation happened for him. There is a lack of ability or a difficulty in imagining that someone who we have never seen can do a job that has been done 45 times by someone that is not that person.

Again, it’s all pretty amusing. Yes, to answer her question, America is indeed ready for a black president. We elected one, twice. But is America ready for a shallow, hectoring rich lady whose only real fans work at hedge funds and MSNBC? That’s the real question. Don’t expect anyone in authority to ask it.

Instead, expect more lying. Just last November, the New York Times described Harris as, quote, an "uneven campaigner who changes her message and tactics to little effect and has a staff torn into factions." Not any more. It’s election season, time to take out the orange menace. So today the Times revised its view. Harris is now, quote, a "Political Warrior Shaped by Life in Two Worlds." And of course she’s a "pragmatic moderate." The rest of the media vehemently agree. They were so excited about Kamala Harris getting in the race, for a moment they forgot to scream at their makeup artists:

LAWRENCE ODONNELL, MSNBC: I thought it was coming and it was incredibly exciting news when it came.

PAMELA BROWN, CNN: Just a remarkable moment

MIKA BRZEZINSKI, MSNBC: She cares about women’s issues. She cares about equality deep within her soul

ERIN BURNETT, CNN: And she does have kind of a charisma. I don’t want to use the word “celebrity” but in political terms she does

PAMELA BROWN, CNN: Really a remarkable rise and as you pointed out, she is a fighter

STEVE SCHMIDT, MSNBC: She’s smart. She’s quick on her feet. She’s articulate

ABBY PHILLIP, CNN: One of the pluses for Kamala Harris’s candidacy is her personal magnetism

BAKARI SELLERS, CNN: This is a phenomenal pick tonight

KYUNG LAH, CNN REPORTER: People wanted to be around her. There’s a charisma, a fascination. For lack of a better word, a bit of celebrity surrounding Kamala Harris

LAWRENCE ODONNELL, MSNBC: I immediately understood why people in California saw her as the female Obama.

The anchors on CNN were especially supportive. Kamala Harris is the only politician their boss, the tiny but secretive Jeff Zucker, has ever publicly endorsed. When she ran for attorney general in California, Zucker said this, quote: “Kamala is not just important for the city of San Francisco, the state of California, but for the entire country." According to Zucker, Harris is that important. Certainly too important to cover like you would a mere politician who wants to take over your country. So stop asking questions. Obey.
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