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McConnell: Democratic Relief Bill A "Tax Cut For Rich People In Blue States"


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said any new relief bill "ought to be narrowly crafted to deal only with the coronavirus" in an interview with Martha MacCallum on Wednesday.

MACCALLUM:  So, when you look at how this process has played out, at one point, it appeared that you wanted to have control over this bill, over the writing of this bill. But what we have seen is the chief of staff, Mark Meadows, and Steve Mnuchin coming in and out of Nancy Pelosi's office on this. 
So, is this really being led by the White House, or is it being led by you, as the Senate majority leader? 
MCCONNELL:  Well, we're in consultation with the White House.
Obviously, the president is never irrelevant. He's the only person in that country who can sign something into law or veto a measure that lands on his desk. 
So, yes, we're consulting with them, and trying to get on the same page, as much as we can. I think the White House and the majority of Senate Republicans think no bill is not an option. The only question is what kind of bill.
And what we have tried to do is to target our proposal to kids back in school, jobs, health care, and liability relief. We think that's what the country needs at this particular juncture. And we think adding a trillion dollars more, which is no small amount of money, is the most responsible thing to do at this juncture. 
MACCALLUM:  So, you seemed -- and others -- seemed surprised to see the FBI funding in that bill.
Kayleigh McEnany, the press secretary for the White House, said that that's not a deal-breaker. That's sort of the first opening that we have seen from the White House side that perhaps that could be gone from this. 
Is that welcome news to you, if that's the case? 
MCCONNELL:  Yes, I think that's a mistake. 
But let me also say, in the Democratic bill over in the House, they have got a tax cut for rich people in blue states. That's not related to COVID-19 either. 
I think whatever we finally agree on, all of these items, whether it's the FBI building, whether it's a tax cut for high-income people in blue states, ought to come out.
MCCONNELL:  And the bill ought to be narrowly crafted to deal only with the coronavirus. 
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