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Rubio: Chinese Consulate In Houston Was A Front For A "Massive Spy Center"


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) joined Mornings with Maria on Fox Business to discuss the U.S. closing the Chinese consulate in Houston overnight, China’s efforts to dominate the 21st century economy, the importance of domestic industrial capacity, and passing additional federal relief in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This consulate is basically a front," Rubio said. "It’s kind of the central node of a massive spy operation — commercial espionage, defense espionage, also influence agents to try to influence Congress. They use businessmen as fronts in many cases to try to influence Members of Congress and other political leaders at the state and local level. So it’s long overdue that it be closed. What’ll happen is the Secretary of State, probably already has demarched the ambassador, called him in, told him we are going to do this, told him why. Given their agents, that we know who they are, 72 hours to leave the country. If they don't leave within 72 hours they’ll be arrested as spies."

"When your embassy or consulate is closed, they start destroying everything in there, they have a plan of destruction," Rubio continued. "For us the Marines are in charge of doing that if someone closes our embassy. So they’ll burn documents and shred documents and destroy computers and so forth… Now what will happen is the Chinese will respond. They will close one of our facilities somewhere in China, probably Wuhan."

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