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Kanye West's First Campaign Event In 2020: Everyone Who Has A Baby Should Get $1 Million


Kanye West held his first campaign event Sunday afternoon in South Carolina after announcing he is running for president under the banner of the Birthday Party. With "2020" buzz-cut into his hair and wearing a bullet-proof vest, the rapper spoke about his desire to "save the country" and his opposition to abortion.

"My Mom saved my life. My Dad wanted to abort me," he said. "There would have been no Kanye West -- because my dad was too busy... I almost killed my daughter."

He explained that while he disagrees with abortion on a moral level, he thinks it should be legal, but suggests that if you have the baby you should get a million dollars.

"The money's not even real, and didn't we just stop all the jobs for six months?" he asked, also adding that the U.S. and other wealthy countries could pay to implement that program worldwide. West specifically suggested that Israel should pay for it in Africa.

"I know this is my first rally, but I did smoke a bit last night, if I'm president, marijuana will be free," he also said.

West also noted while that he is not going to go against Big Pharma because "they would kill" him, they could make more money under his presidency.

"Shooting guns are fun," he also said, adding that we could be "enslaved" by China or other countries if we didn't have them. "Israeli women know how to fire a firearm -- they are trained how to do it."

He also advocated a return to a pre-industrial agriculturally organized society: "When I talk to the billionaires, another white billionaire to be specific. When we moved to the city it was because of the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution is over with and now it is time to move back again. If you have agriculture as your business, you get tax breaks."

"Tesla, the original [scientist Nicola] Tesla, said the Earth is a giant generator. God has given us freedom. You can feed your family from the Earth, Wind, Water, and Fire," Kanye said. "But the education and the schools... Have you ever had a textbook tell you you can buy 500 acres for $100,000 in middle America and build a farm and feed your family. Has there ever been a class on that? Would you agree there is a reason there's never been a class like that?"

Next, he yelled at a "TMZ corporate media reporter" in the crowd saying she only attended to "fuck his rally up" and calling her a "bitch."

Kanye West concluded his rally by defending his right to speak uninterrupted and abruptly ran off the stage.
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