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Pelosi: Democrats Could Have "Prevented" George Floyd's Murder


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi addressed her comment that Republicans are "trying to get away with the murder" of George Floyd and the controversy that ensued Friday at a press briefing.

REPORTER: You frequently criticize the president's rhetoric. So, really, what you think it's appropriate to suggest the--the Republicans are trying to get away with the murder of George Floyd for their handling of police reform?

PELOSI: I think George Floyd's murder would have been prevented if our bill that we have now is--were in--were the law of the land. And that's what we're talking about, is how we go forward. You know, I don't have any--

QUESTION: -- Was it --

PELOSI: -- I have not. I do not --

QUESTION: -- Going too far on that comment?


QUESTION: Do you think --

PELOSI: -- No --

QUESTION: -- You go too far --

PELOSI: -- I do not. I do not. I do not. I'm telling you that we're talking about something that is an incident that --everybody saw the martyrdom. Everybody saw eight minutes, 46 seconds of a knee on the neck.

That should -- and then they come up with a bill that says, or the President comes out with his whatever it is saying no, uh, chokeholds but maybe some. Yeah, no, I have no --absolutely not.

We are talking right now, the administration in terms of their denial, their delay on the coronavirus caused death. Add that to your bill of particulars. Policy has an impact, and we can prevent fur -- future deaths if we ban the chokeholds. I am fully committed to that.
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