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Bakari Sellers: "This Is A Life Or Death Election," Trump Will Cost Lives With His Blatant Racism


CNN contributor Bakari Sellers said on Tuesday that "Kung flu" is just another example of Trump's racism and how this "life or death" election is about preventing his ability to "cost" lives because of his blatant racism.

"[Racism] is always part of the strategy, I mean to delve into culture wars," Sellers told CNN host Don Lemon. "The problem is that people have to vote in November because their life truly depends on it. I am not sure that we have ever been able to say that in a presidential election or ever in my lifetime having been around here that long. But this is a life or death election. You cannot say that without the full weight of that statement. The president of the United States saying Kung flu, that's a racist slur. The president of the United States is racist. We've been here before. We've been calling him out. I believe think that statement to have voracity and truth before he ran for president of the United States."

"That's not my biggest problem," Sellers continued. "The scariest thing about that entire clip was his choir that yelled back at him that was anticipating that and cheering him on. I mean that's scary. But the fact remains, this president as [John] Harwood said, as my lead singer in this duo said, this president is ill-equipped to handle this pandemic. And in my household, we watch CNN and these clips all of the time and we have WWFD, What Would Fauci Do? Because that is who we are looking to for guidance. We have to follow the expert because the fact remains this president of the United States, because of his failures early on has cost many lives and my fear is he is going to cost more through his ignorance and through blatant racism. "
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