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Bubba Wallace: I'm Pissed People Are Trying To Test My Character, "I Will Always Have Haters"


Bubba Wallace talked to CNN's Don Lemon on Tuesday about the FBI finding that no wrongdoing was nefarious was done to NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace and the stock-car racing company after they reported a noose was in his garage at Talladega. Wallace told Lemon that he never saw the noose or reported the incident, it was NASCAR that got the FBI involved.

"I'm pissed," Wallace said. "I'm mad because people are trying to test my character and the person that am and my integrity. They’re not stealing that from me, but trying to test that. And as a person that doesn’t need to fame or the hype or the media, I could care less. I give two craps about that. To sit and reading too much into it. Investing too much time."

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"I immediately thought my family was in danger," Wallace said. "And so I was about ready to call my mom and dad and make sure everybody was okay. It was in the garage stall where my car was at. I was kind of like taken back and not really comprehending everything. I was just like what? But the way that it was communicated to me that everything was going on, it was it showed that the testament to him and the character that he has and how he's representing the sport, how he wants to stand up for what's wrong. He's not going to tolerate any racist acts or anything. And I stand behind NASCAR. And like they said in their statements, if it happened again, it wouldn't change anything. They would do it over again. I never seen the noose. I never reported it. Like I said, I was going to dinner."

"Don, the image that I have and I have seen of what was hanging in my garage is not a garage pull," Wallace said. "I’ve been racing all my life. We’ve raced out of hundreds of garages that never had garage pulls like that. So people that want to call it a garage pull and put out old videos and photos of knots being as their evidence, go ahead, but from the evidence that we have, that I have, it’s a straight-up noose. The FBI has stated it was a noose over and over again. NASCAR leadership has stated that it was a noose. I can confirm that I actually got evidence of what was hanging in my garage, over my car, around my picker guys, to confirm that it was a noose and never seen anything like that. It’s not something … I talked to my crew chief about it, I said, “Is this something like … ” I wanted to make sure we weren’t jumping the gun and I said, “This isn’t a knot. This isn’t just a regular old what do you call it.” He’s like, “Bubba, this isn’t something that can be done within a second of just tying a knot and being on the way. This is something that took time."

Wallace also responded to the "haters" who doubt that the situation occurred the way it has been described to the public.

"I get backlash every day. I think we talked about that, whatever, I’m used to it, but it stings a little bit worse when they’re trying to test your character like I said earlier and try to take something away from me that’s false, but the backlash will always be there. It doesn’t matter if we provide 100% facts and evidence, photo evidence, people are going to Photoshop it to make me look like the bad person, at the end of the day I will always have haters," Wallace said.

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