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Trump: Racial Justice Begins With Joe Biden's Retirement From Public Life


President Donald Trump criticized Joe Biden for his past of praising segregationists and legislation that he supported that took jobs away from middle-class African Americans at a rally in Tulsa on Saturday. Trump said racial justice begins with Joe Biden retiring from public life.

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Biden is a very willing trojan horse for socialsm. When Biden first ran for president over 33 years ago -- remember, I used to call him 1% Joe. He never got more than 1%, until Obama took him off the trash heap, but he blatantly copied the speech of a British politician, even ripping off the man's personal biography and family history and claiming it was his own. He forgot to say he was born in America.

Joe Biden is a shameless hypocrite. Since 2003, he has delivered fawning eulogies to the funerals and at those funerals of three leading supporters of segregation, including a former member of the KKK, and yet Biden is now smearing as racists tens of millions of people like yourselves, decent, hard-working Americans, who he's never met, and frankly probably doesn't want to meet.

America should not take lectures on racial justice from Joe Biden. Sleepy Joe. A man who praised and partnered with segregationists. Shipped millions of black American jobs overseas, and everyone else's jobs, too, by the way. If I didn't come along -- we are building automobile plants, we are building everything. And there has never been a comeback like we are making right now, never been.

He hollowed out our middle-class, including our black middle-class, with open borders, trapped young children in failing government schools, builds cages -- those cages were built by Obama and Biden. Look it up. 2014. And the fake news doesn't want to -- remember the picture of a cage, a cage for children? Remember the picture of the cage? And they said President Trump and then they realized that was in a newspaper in 2014. Built by Obama and Biden, the cages.

And they don't want to report the way it is. They know the way it is. They're not stupid. They send young boys to fight in Iraq, while the inner-city struggle, help the big banks, made our cities less safe and secure for all. They've done a terrible job and they should not be rewarded. They should not get rewarded with an election victory on November 3rd. It shouldn't happen. It will destroy this country. Our country will be destroyed. We've all worked too hard. They don't know what the hell they are doing. Some do actually, but in a very sinister way.

Virtually every policy that has hurt black Americans for half a century, Joe Biden has supported or enacted. I have done more for the black community in four years then Joe Biden has done in 47 years. Racial justice begins with Joe Biden's retirement from public life.
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