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Victor Davis Hanson: U.S. Is Having A Cultural Revolution, Prepare For A Busy Signal When You Call 911


Historian and Hoover Institution senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Monday that the U.S. is "right in the middle of a cultural revolution" and warned, "we can't look for logic and rationality that doesn't exist."

Hanson told host Carlson the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Rayshard Brooksthis weekend were facing a "lose-lose proposition" when they arrived at the scene.

"In the police mentality, here's this sequence of events that they would have to follow in revolutionary times," Hanson said. "They probably have to say, 'Sorry, if there's somebody [who's] drunk and is going to endanger people ... we're just not going to go there because it's not going to work out for us.' It started out OK, but when he decided to resist arrest, the police would have to say they don't want the hassle and go... And when he hit the police, they're not going to hit back."

"If it's going to end, it is when somebody very powerful... I think probably white, affluent, progressive, call up 911 and gets a busy signal. And then, then we're going to see something just like with #MeToo," Hanson said. "Once they went after liberal progressive celebrities and they denied them due process, statutes of limitation, cross-examination, suddenly we ended up with nobody believing Tara Reade anymore."
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