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Tucker Carlson: We Were Lied To About Coronavirus, Corrupt Politicians Used Health Emergency To "Subvert Democracy"


Tucker Carlson said Americans were all played by corrupt politicians who used a health emergency to subvert democracy into giving up control of our lives in a monologue delivered Wednesday night on his FOX News program.

"You were played. We all were. Corrupt politicians scared us into giving up control over our own lives. At the same time, they gave more power to their obedient followers, while keeping the rest of us trapped at home and censored online. They used a public health emergency to subvert democracy and make themselves kings. How were they able to do this? Because we let them do it. We believed them," Carlson told viewers.

TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Thanks to the arrival of the Wuhan Coronavirus, our own Mark Steyn, a fixture on this show twice a week for years, has been absent. Since March, he’s been stuck in quarantine, many miles from a TV studio. We’ve missed him. We’re sure you have too. Tonight, Mark Steyn’s  triumphant return to cable news. He’ll join us in a minute. 

Mark Steyn isn’t the only one who’s been locked down, though. Even now, millions of Americans remain subject to unprecedented restrictions on their daily lives. The Coronavirus lockdowns continue in many places. As a result of this, tens of millions of people are now unemployed. A huge number have no prospects of working again. Many thousands of small businesses are closed and will never reopen. Americans have become dependent on drugs and alcohol, seen their marriages dissolve, and become clinically depressed. Some delayed their weddings. Others were banned from burying their loved ones. Some Americans will die of cancer because they couldn’t get screenings. Some unknowable number  have taken their own lives in despair. Others have flooded the streets to riot, because bottled-up rage and frustration take many forms. The cost of shutting down the United States, and denying our citizens desperately-needed contact with one other, is hard to calculate. But it’s been staggering. The people responsible for doing it say they have no regrets. We faced a global calamity, they say. Covid-19 was the worst pandemic since the Spanish flu. That killed 50 million people. We had no choice. We did the right thing. 

That’s what they’re telling us. Is it true? The answer to that matters, not just because the truth always matters, but because the credibility of our leaders is at stake here. They rule because we let them. Their power comes from us. Are they worthy of that power? That’s not a conversation they want to have, and right now they don’t have to. At the moment, all of us are distracted by the woke revolution underway outside. We’ll bring you the latest on that in a minute. But first we want to take a minute to assess whether or not they were lying to us. 

The short answer is: yes, they were definitely lying. As a matter of public health, the lockdowns were not necessary. We can say that with confidence now. In fact we can prove it. Here’s the most powerful evidence: states that never locked down at all — places where people were allowed to live like Americans, and not cower indoors alone — turned no worse than states that had mandatory quarantines. The states did lockdown but were quick to re-open, did not see explosions of cases. This is the opposite of what they said would happen. The media predicted mass death at the Lake of the Ozarks and Ocean City Maryland — places where the middle class dares to vacation — but the mass deaths never happened. In the end, the Wuhan coronavirus turned out to be a dangerous disease, but a manageable one, like so many others. 

Far more dangerous were the lockdowns themselves. In New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, panicked, incompetent governors forced nursing homes to accept infected coronavirus patients. Many thousands died. They didn’t have to. It’s a remarkable story, but it’s going almost entirely un-covered. The media would rather tell us why Americans need to hate each other for the color of our skin. They definitely don’t want to revisit what they we’re saying just a few weeks ago, when they were acting as press agents for power-drunk Democratic politicians. Back then, they were ordering you to stop asking questions and obey:
CUOMO: Alright So while most Americans are staying inside – or should be if they’re not out protesting like fools.

CUOMO: They’re not happy about being told to stay home. Staying home saves lives.

CUOMO: And the rest of us should be staying at home for our mothers and the people that we love and keeping us farther apart will bring us closer together in this cause.

CUOMO: Our collective conscientious action: staying home.

“If you love your mother, you’ll do what I say.” Cable news anchors don’t make subtle propagandists. Then Memorial Day arrived. Some started to reopen. Millions of Americans headed outdoors for the first time in months. The media’s scolded them, then attacked them as killers. Going swimming with your family, they told us, was tantamount to mass murder:
ANDREA MITCHELL, MSNBC: Jam packed pool party in the Ozarks over the holiday weekend. Few people were wearing masks or practicing social distancing hardly.

JOY REID, MSNBC: …packed into overcrowded pools despite an ongoing pandemic. Let’s face it. They were bunched up in what looks like a human stew.

CLAIRE MCCASKILL, MSNBC: frankly a lot of those people thought they were standing up for what the president believes in and that is not to care about the public safety part of this.

ROBYN CURNOW, CNN : Look at this! it’s kind of crazy considering we’re in the middle of a global pandemic. As one person said: that’s curving the curve – it’s not flattening it.

DON LEMON: A massive crowd of people crammed together as if it were a massive holiday weekend despite the risks of a virus that has killed more than 98,000 people.

The last clip you was May 25, just over two weeks ago. “98,000 people are dead! How dare you leaver your house! You don’t work in the media. You’re not essential.” It didn’t take long for that message to change. In fact it took precisely five days. Here’s the same brain dead anchor less tan a week later. He’s no longer mad about Americans going outside. As long as they’re rioting and burning — and not doing something sinful, like swimming with their kids — he’s delighted:

LEMON: And let's not forget, if anyone is judging this, I'm not judging this. I'm just wondering what is going on because we were supposed to figure out this experiment a long time ago. Our country was started because - the Boston Tea Party rioting. So don't get it twisted and think oh, this is something that has never happened before and this is so terrible and where are we and these savages and all of that. This is how this country was started.

This is how our country started: by looting CVS and setting fire to Wendy’s. Of course. You took American history. You knew that. Chris Cuomo must have been in the same class. He had the same reaction:
CUOMO: America’s major cities are filled with people demanding this country become more fair, more just... And please, show me where it says that protesters are supposed to be polite and peaceful because I can show you that outraged citizens are the ones who've made America what she is, and led to any major milestones... They're here to yell, criticize, blame and shame... Citizens have no duty to check their outrage.
If this all seems like a pretty abrupt pivot, fret not. Rioting isn’t a health risk. As long as it helps the Democratic Party’s prospects in the November election, it will not spread the Coronavirus. We know that for sure because, last week, hundreds of self-described “public health officials” signed a letter saying so. They announced that the Black Lives Matter riots are a vital contribution to public health. In effect, they’re an essential medical procedure. But that doesn’t mean you get to go outside. You don’t. Thanks to Coronavirus, you do not have the right to resume your life. And if you complain about that, it’s quote “white supremacy.” That was their professional conclusion. 

Does a single person believe any of this? Of course not. It’s too stupid even for CNN to repeat, so they mostly ignored it. That’s ominous. It means these people are done trying to convince you. They’re not making arguments. They’re issuing decrees. They think they can. They no longer believe they need your consent to run the country. Once the authorities stop trying to change your mind, it means they’ve decided to use force. And they have. 

During the lockdowns, people whose loved ones died weren’t allowed to have funerals for them. It’s hard to think of anything crueler than this, but it happened. They claimed it was necessary. It wasn’t. We know that because, now that a man has died whose death is politically useful to the Democratic Party, the authorities have given him three funerals. Not a word about a health risk. 
Meanwhile in King County, Washington — that’s where Seattle is. Restaurants are operating at just 25 percent capacity. Thats’s the law. “Non-essential” businesses are allowed just 15 percent capacity. This causes economic disaster. Most small businesses run on tiny margins. They can’t survive. Many have failed. 

They should have joined Antifa. In King Country, antifa can do whatever it wants. Tonight, they’ve taken over an entire six-block section of downtown Seattle. That’s fine with health authorities. No social distancing required. 

Getting the picture? You were played. We all were. Corrupt politicians scared us into giving up control over our own lives. At the same time, they gave more power to their obedient followers, while keeping the rest of us trapped at home and censored online. They used a public health emergency to subvert democracy and make themselves kings. How were they able to do this? Because we let them do it. We believed them. Therefore we obeyed. If there’s anything good to come from this disaster, it’s that none of us will ever make that mistake again. 
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