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Cavuto vs. GOP Sen. Risch On Trump's Buffalo Man Theory: "I Haven't Reached A Conclusion Yet"


FOX News host Neil Cavuto asks Sen. James Risch if he believed President Donald Trump's theory that a 75-year-old Buffalo man injured after being thrown to the ground by police was part of an anti-police conspiracy.

CAVUTO: Senator, a couple of developments that, as a United States senator, I'd be curious to get your take.
The president wants to pull troops, a lot of troops, maybe all of our troops, when all is said and done, out of Germany. How do you feel about that? Some of your colleagues were anxious about it.
RISCH: Well, I think everybody's anxious about it, because we don't know all the details yet. I haven't talked to the president since he -- since he has said that.
I will be doing that. We're all going to want to hear details about it. That's a longstanding contingent of people that we have there since World War II. It's really become a hub in the world for movement of troops, movement of equipment, particularly medical care for our troops.
We're going to want to hear some more details on it, and we will be discussing it with the president.
CAVUTO: While I also have you here, Senator, if you don't mind, Kayleigh McEnany today was asked a lot of questions on this elderly protester who was shoved by the police at a rally against the treatment of George Floyd, and that it was a setup.
Do you believe the president that this guy was a setup?
RISCH: Well, who knows?
You can find about anything you want on the Internet these days. I saw the video, like everybody else does. It's, what, 10 seconds' long or something like that.
CAVUTO: Right.
RISCH: This is why we have courts. This is why we have investigations. I think all this will come out.
I don't know who the gentleman was. I don't know what he was doing there. I don't know what he had in his hand. I don't know what the reality -- I'm -- you hope the officers had body cameras on, so you can -- you can see what they were seeing as they approached the individual.
There's a long ways to go before you make a judgment on that. I'm not ready to make a judgment one way or the other on it at this point.
CAVUTO: Well, the president did.
I don't mean to overstate this. And I'm thinking the guy did fall. He was bleeding from the back of his head.
RISCH: Sure.
CAVUTO: And so do you think that was responsible, when we really don't know?
RISCH: Yes. You know, I -- I -- Neil, you -- what you ought to do is give the president a call. He's got strong feelings on a lot of things.
I enjoy his company. We exchange regularly. And we haven't talked about this. It may or may not come up as we go down the pike. But, look, I -- I have my view on it. He has his view on it. I think most Americans have a view.
We will see if there's more to come out on this...
CAVUTO: Right.
RISCH: ... and so everybody can reach a conclusion.
CAVUTO: All right, well, I'm taking a leap here that, if it were you, you wouldn't say that?
RISCH: Well, I -- you know, I haven't reached a conclusion yet.
So, no, I wouldn't say what something is. Look, I was a prosecutor. I -- I prosecuted thousands of cases. And what I have learned is, you want to sift through the evidence really carefully before you move forward on something. Charging issues are always the most difficult there are.
As you proceed to trial, you better have your ducks in a row. But you want all the information before you reach the conclusion of where you want to take something.
CAVUTO: There's a concept.
Senator, thank you very much, sir. It was very good having you on.
RISCH: Neil, thank you.
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