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London Protester: England & America Are No Different; "Everybody Has Had Enough Of These Live Lynchings"


A man who sounded and appeared to be a black Londoner told MSNBC's Molly Hunter during protests outside the U.S. Embassy on Sunday that "everybody has had enough of these live lynchings."

"It mightily resonates with us... 400 years we've been dealing with this, and we're still being lynched and murdered to this day," he said. "My brother was shot and killed by the police in this country. He was shot four times in his back. The policeman's evidence when he stood up in court was that my brother was facing him and the court accepted that evidence. The autopsy showed he had four shots in his back, how can the evidence be accepted?"

"The rules and regulations for England and America are not different; they are exactly the same."

"This injustice can not continue. I believe that this is a different assault. This is a different murder... We have just had enough. Everybody has had enough of these live lynchings," he said. "Look at the CNN reporter who got arrested live on television. Everyone saw exactly what happened. The police went away, they came on television and reported what happened. Even with the evidence being live on television, the police came with a story that clearly did not match the evidence. They do not care. They have the power of the system behind them and they can lie live on television and it doesn't matter."
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