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Tucker Carlson Hits Govs. Whitmer and Cuomo For Hypocrisy: "Lockdown For Thee, But Not For Me"


Tucker Carlson delivered a monologue Wednesday night on how the families of Governors Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) and Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) are not living by the standards set by the leaders.

TUCKER CARLSON: America's political leaders continue in many places to impose lockdowns, some extreme on the public well after, long after scientific evidence has accumulated to show pretty conclusively that they don't work very well. But politicians are in no hurry to get back to normal and give up the power they've accrued. Their livelihoods are safe, even guaranteed by taxpayers. They're ignoring the rules they enforce themselves and they enjoy that.

Last night, on CNN -- Governor Andrew Cuomo's brother has a show there -- shamed Americans for daring to step outside without a mask.

CHRIS CUOMO, CNN HOST: Nearly a 100,000 Americans dead and this President is playing games over Joe Biden wearing a mask, not to mention, millions of other Americans now doing the same.

How about the clowns, who're ready to double down on the death toll because they want to get their party on for the holiday? ...

I could show you example after example after example of people acting like fools. Not just, you know, not having any sense for their own safety but, the safety of others.

Do you want to wear a mask? No. But is it that big a deal? Not really.

So the moral if you don't wear a mask, the funny thing is that the weight lifting correspondent you just saw wasn't wearing a mask of his own when he was screaming at a cyclist last month and he was infected.

DAVID WHALEN, LONG ISLAND RESIDENT, CONFRONTED CHRIS CUOMO: I'm fairly outspoken and I just said, don't you have the coronavirus? Shouldn't you be quarantined? And my biggest next words were, what the hell do you know about this? What do you know about the rules?

I said you're not supposed to be out here. Nobody had gloves on. Nobody had masks on.

So we aired that on TV. It's widely known, but that guy was not wearing a mask and he had the coronavirus. Kind of weird he is lecturing other people about that. Would you be able to do that or would the hypocrisy just corrode your soul to the point where you could no longer speak? Ask yourself. And then there is Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan. Before Memorial Day she ordered her citizens not to vacation in the Traverse City area.

GOV. WHITMER: Our big fear of course is that Memorial Day weekend we know lots of people love to go north and a small spike could put the hospital system in dire straits pretty quickly and that is precisely why we are asking everyone to continue doing their part. Don't descend on Traverse City from all regions of the state.

Yeah, don't go to Traverse City, it's dangerous. Almost exactly the moment that Governor Whitmer was saying that her husband was using the fact that he was married to her to pressure a small business into putting the families' boat in the water ahead of the holiday. Whitmer originally denied that even happened. She lied, she called it a hoax. But then she was exposed. It was obviously real. So now she said it was a bad joke, but it wasn't a hoax and wasn't a joke, it was pure repulsive hypocrisy. And the Whitmers weren't alone in committing that.

Two weeks ago, the Wisconsin Supreme Court struck down the governor's lockdown. Justice Rebecca Dallet dissented. She said, "Wisconsinites will pay the price for going outside." But she didn't mean it. None of them really mean it. We know that because over Memorial Day that same person, Dallet, went boating with at least four friends without wearing a mask, not social distancing. Oh. Lockdown for thee, but not for me. Since leaders won't give Americans their rights back, it falls to ordinary Americans to reclaim them.
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