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Sen. Kamala Harris: I'm Sick Of Mourning The Failure Of Trump's Leadership Because We Never Had It


Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) lamented the mourning of President Donald Trump's failed leadership during the COVID-19 crisis. In an interview on Wednesday, Harris said there is not much to mourn because the president never was a leader to begin with anyway. Harris said Trump does not have empathy or compassion for those who have been lost due to the coronavirus and has yet to recognize the milestone of 100,000 deaths in the United States.

"Donald Trump is not a leader," Harris told CNN host Anderson Cooper. "He's not a leader. And he has proven that over and over and over again. Real leadership in this moment of crisis would be to have genuine sympathy and empathy and compassion for the loss."

"It would be to act, doing things like, let's just start from today, putting in place a national testing strategy," the Senator said. "Today saying that the almost 40 million people who lost their jobs within the last 100 days should have recurrent monthly payments until we get through the pandemic."

"Leadership would be about saying that over half of America's work force works for small businesses which are closed, many of which may not be able to open and we must save them by doing things like what I and [Congresswoman] Ayanna Pressley (D-Mass.) are saying, save the smallest of the small businesses with loans and with grants so they can keep their doors open because they, the bodegas and the barbershops and the beauty salons are part of the heartbeat of those communities. That's what real leadership would be about," Harris said.

"You know, I'm sick, frankly, of mourning the failure of Donald Trump's leadership because we never had it," Harris said. "So we really don't have much to mourn because we never had it. So we've not lost much. There's just been a vacancy there in terms of leadership. Frankly."
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