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Carville: Trump Wasn’t Going To Win When Unemployment Was 3.5 Percent, He Has No Chance To Win Now


Earlier this month during an appearance on MSNBC, former Clinton strategist James Carville said President Trump has no chance to win in November and his campaign staff is giving him fake polls to fleece him for money.

JAMES CARVILLE: I was optimistic because every election since he's been elected we've won. Every poll we're ahead. There's nothing but overwhelming evidence. And look what his campaign is doing. Just look what his campaign is doing. They’re a pack of grifters. His campaign manager got two condos, a Ferrari, a yacht, a Range Rover and they’re all just fleecing the campaign. This is all about making money and they’re going in and giving him fake polls.

This whole thing is just like a crumbling empire right before your eyes. Everybody is trying to take everything they can get on the way out and they're trying to prop him up so they all can make money. it's amazing to watch this unfold...

Let me tell you the Lincoln Group and The Bulwark, these Never-Trumper Republicans, the Democrats could learn a lot from them. They're mean. They fight hard. And we don't fight like that. They don't fight like that.

The way that you run a presidential campaign is you're a pirate ship. You're always calculating. You're always taking wind speed and direction. You seize and you loot and you burn. And that's just the way it is. And they're ineffective. They're just riding low in the water. They're all fat. They're all rich. They're all scamming. They're all making money. And my advice is to get ready. Hit them, hit them, and then hit them again.

Because it don’t matter if the Dow is 35,000, he’s not going to win. He wasn’t going to win when unemployment was 3.5 percent, he’s certainly not going to win now. But the idea is not just to beat him. It is to end the scourge of Trumpism in this country forever. And we can do that. It's within our grasp right now. Right now. They're just fleecing this thing. All they're trying is to make money right now. They know what's going on. Everybody knows what's happening in this country.

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