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Tucker Carlson: Our Leaders Don't Plan To Relinquish The Power They Received From This Pandemic


TUCKER CARLSON, FOX NEWS: Yesterday we learned damming new details about the domestic spying operation the Obama administration ran from the White House, against its political enemies — General Michael Flynn chief among them. Today, fallout from that scandal. We’ll have an update for you in just a minute. 

But first, it’s been close to three weeks since the state of Georgia began to gradually loosen its coronavirus lockdown. Starting in late-April, the state allowed hair salons, bowling alleys, and gyms to reopen. Three days later, restaurants and theaters followed. Hospitals were once again allowed to perform all needed surgeries. They could stop pretending that the coronavirus was the only medical problem patients face. 

There’s nothing especially radical about what Georgia did. But you wouldn’t know that from watching television, where the decision was described as the most reckless public health decision since nine out of ten family doctors endorsed Camel cigarettes. Untold millions would die because of the re-opening, we were told. The state of Georgia would be flattened by a tidal wave of corpses. Re-opening was that dangerous. Even Stacey Abrams took a break from campaigning for Vice President to offer an assessment: 

ABRAMS: We honestly don’t understand this. The mayors of our largest cities have all expressed deep concern as have our scientists... This makes no sense and it doesn't improve our economy. It simply puts more Georgians at risk.

She seems very serous. But you should know that Stacey Abrams is delusional. At one point, Abrams announced that she was the governor of Georgia, which from a mental health standpoint is one step from claiming you’re Napoleon. Now Abrams imagines she’s a public health expert. Best to humor her. Just nod and look interested. Chris Hayes isn’t a scientist either. He’s MSNBC’s most ardent male feminist. But he’s got strong views on epidemiology. Hayes was so upset by the idea that people might go outside without permission, that he suddenly found himself arguing that everyone must obey the Trump administration:

CHRIS HAYES: If that sounds insane to you, you’re not alone. For the record, Georgia does not meet the White House guidelines. It has tested less than 90,000 people out of a population of more than 10 million. Mayors in Georgia are describing the governor’s decision as reckless, dangerous, and illogical.
“We must do what the White House tells us!” screams MSNBC. That’s how dangerous it was. “Mark this day,” wrote one longtime Washington reporter. “Because two and three weeks from now, the Georgia death toll is blood on Governor Brian Kemp’s hands.”

As it happens, we did in fact mark that day. It was April 25, 2020 when the re-openings began. That day, Georgia had 650 new cases of coronavirus. Yesterday, which was 19 days later, Georgia had a total of 555 cases. Infections and deaths in Georgia have been declining since early April. There are still sick people in the state. Some of them will die. But as of tonight, Georgia’s numbers are no worse than the national average.

We should be thrilled by this. It suggests can America begin to return to normal — restore stolen rights to the population, maybe even treat citizens like adults once again — and not court disaster. You’d think our leaders would be racing to the podium to share this good news. Nope. Just the opposite. They’re doubling down on authoritarianism. They enjoy being in total control of your life. They don’t plan to relinquish the power they received from this pandemic. The city of Los Angeles just extended its lockdown through the end of July. Citizens will have to wear masks at all times — even outside, where the risk of transmission is minimal. Mayor Eric Garcetti didn’t explain the science behind these commands. There isn’t any. Instead, Garcetti told his city that, until there is a quote “cure” for the virus, life will never go back to normal. Never. The mayor didn’t mention that it’s possible — indeed, likely — that there never will be a cure for the coronavirus. Whatever. 

Nancy Pelosi didn’t ask questions. She quickly endorsed the whole thing:

WILLIE GEIST: There are a lot of people in LA County saying “whoa, three more months?!. I cant survive this as a small business or someone out of work.

PELOSI: Well, of course, I agree with the decisions of the people on the ground in their particular venue and location... So, yes, it’s inconvenient, but it’s even more inconvenient if you’re going to be infected, or worse.

“Not as inconvenient as getting infected,” says Pelosi. Good talking point. Hat tip to the 26-year-old staffer who wrote it. But it’s factually wrong. For the overwhelming majority of Americans, the lockdowns are far worse than getting sick. If you’re under 60, the odds of dying from the coronavirus are fewer than one in a thousand — probably less than one in ten thousand. The odds that government lockdowns are making you poor and destroying your life — those change are far higher. How many healthy middle aged people do you know who’ve died from this virus? How many do you know who are now unemployed? 

Washington Governor Jay Inslee clearly isn’t a math guy. He’s not calculating probabilities like this. Inslee apparently thinks everyone in Washington state faces the real likelihood of dying from the virus. That’s why he’s ordered officials to track who goes to restaurants, and who they eat with. Because that’s not a Chinese police state tactic or anything:

INSLEE: This contact tracing - If you have somebody who becomes sick and they were sitting right next to a person at a restaurant, to be able to identify that person could be very valuable for their health to try to save their life and so we’ve put that in place.

Yeah, it’s kind of weird that the cops are taking notes on who you’re having dinner with. But it’s for public health, so submit. It’s not like politicians would ever misuse that information or anything. Sleep well. And don’t forget to send in a blood sample, so the government can sequence your DNA. For public health reasons. 

No one’s enjoying all of this more than Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. It’s always the most mediocre people who love fascism the most. It gives them power they never dreamed they’d have. Whitmer wants this moment to last forever. She’s enraged that anyone would dare complain about it. On ABC yesterday, she dismissed anyone who disagrees with her as — needless to say — a racist. And then she promised that disobedient citizens will be punished with even more severe lockdowns:

WHITMER: These have been really political rallies where people come with confederate flags and Nazi symbolism and calling for violence... This is racist and misogynistic. Again, I ask that everyone who has a platform uses it to call on people to observe the best practices promulgated by the CDC, and to stop encouraging this behavior because it only makes it that much more precarious for us to try to reengage our economy, which is what everyone says they want us to be able to do.

Whitmer was later asked if she had proof that protesters were actually spreading the virus. She had none, of course. And by the way, that question is misogynistic. So shut up.

Some people in Michigan are growing tired of this performance. Karl Manke owns a barbershop. He’d like to continue cutting hair. Authorities won’t let him. They’d prefer to send him welfare instead. But that’s not the country he wants to live in:

MANKE: I’m 77, always worked and never wanted a handout. Someone called and asked why I don’t get on food stamps. Well I don’t want food stamps. I want to work... When our Governor said we’re gonna have another 28 more days it knocked me to my knees. I cant take another 28 days... All of us as americans need to take care of ourselves. The government is not my mother and never has been. This administration – I’ve been in business longer than they’ve been alive.

Gretchen Whitmer wasn’t amused by this. Cutting hair is racist. Whitmer’s administration tried to shut Manke down with court order. A judge resisted, so Whitmer’s lackeys just revoked Manke’s barber license. Now he’s shut down for good, even when the lockdowns finally end. That’ll show him. Stop whining and take your welfare. Bigot. 

This is insanity of course. At some point we’ll look back in shame. Politicians will always seize the maximum amount of power they can. That’s why they went into politics in the first place. The question is: why are the rest of us allowing it to happen? 

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