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Trump: Democrats Would Rather See Our Country Fail Than Me Getting Elected, "Failure Is Death"


BARTIROMO:  Los Angeles just said they may actually extend the shutdown throughout the summer. Elon Musk is fighting back obviously.
TRUMP:  He’s doing the right thing, I’m all for him. Los Angeles, I think they’re doing that for political reasons.
Look, the less successful we are in opening, the better they are probably, maybe for an election. But I’m letting people know in many cases they’re going it just for political purposes.
BARTIROMO:  So you think that you’d -- they would rather see a recession, a terrible economy, joblessness; than have you get another term?
TRUMP:  They would rather see our country fail. They would rather see our country fail. And you know what that means -- because part of failure is death. They would rather see that than have me get elected. I’ve driven them crazy. I don’t know what it is.
BARTIROMO:  You’ve upended everything, and they want their power, I guess.
Real quick on this Wuhan lab. I just want to get your take on this because people are questioning it, and I feel like I was among the early ones looking at this wondering if that’s where it originated.
And in the Wuhan lab, didn’t we, as a country, give money to that lab? So what goes on  --
TRUMP:  Yes, as I understand it, before I got here, $7.5 million in 2014. And look, they said they were studying different things, and you know, things like that happen. But you know, money was given by the Obama administration early on.
TRUMP:  I ended it.
BARTIROMO:  You -- so, right, you ended it. No more money going into the Wuhan lab. But I mean why would --
TRUMP:  I took a lot of heat too. They said, oh, we’re studying all sorts of stuff.  You saw what happened. I ended it.
BARTIROMO:  How are you going to have a partnership with China when you can’t trust anything they say or do?
TRUMP:  It may be hard to do. It’s OK. It’s OK with me. It may be hard to do, but that’s OK with me.

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