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Barstool's Dave Portnoy: I Would Rather Take My Chances With Coronavirus Than Decimate The Economy


Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy delivered a rant Wednesday on Twitter on the effect the coronavirus lockdown has on the economy. In a separate video delivered through Periscope, Portnoy went on a rant against Dr. Anthony Fauci and called him "one of the great criminals of our civilization." A sign behind Portnoy read: "F*ck That Midget F*ck Anthony Fauchi."

“What the f*ck is going on?" the sports website owner said. "When did this become 'flatten the curve,' 'flatten the curve,' 'flatten the curve' to 'we have to find a cure or everyone’s going to die?'"

"You've got to give people a choice," Portnoy said. "If you told me because of corona I lost Barstool, I had to get a 9-to-5 and start over, I'd rather die of corona. Seriously. Or at least take my chances. I'm not saying everybody would do that. I would. But if I dedicated 20 years of my life I don't want to start over. I'll f*cking deal with corona."

"You can't just make everybody stay inside and basically start over. It's insane. What the f*ck do they think is going to happen?" he asked.

"If you're that scared of corona, stay inside," he said. "The beds are open. It doesn't kill everyone. I get it. It's not a great option. There are no great options but you can't just decimate the entire economy. How the f*ck is that going to work? We're staying inside until there is a cure? When did that become a thing? So we're just done as humans? Get the hell out of here."

"There's risks. We're Americans. You have to take risks!" Portnoy said.

"If people want to go out, go out. If they want to stay in, stay in," he added.

"We have no chance if you don't let people go outside. This country is going to be donezo. Nobody is going to have jobs. Nobody is going to have businesses. It's going to be done. It's over. Let me roll the dice and play with corona or at least give me a choice," Portnoy pleaded.

Portnoy on Fauci (video below):

DAVE PORTNOY: There's a lot of crooks running around, a lot of crooks, starting with Anthony Fauci. I picture Anthony Fauci, after he put 50% of the population out of business yesterday, driving around in an unmarked van, tinted windows that you can't see in. Looking for little mom n' pop businesses with shutters on their windows and making a lowball offer to buy their business...

What has happened in the last two days? "Flatten the curve, flatten the curve." We flattened the curve now we gotta find the cure before we can go outside? What if we don't find the cure? There's no cure for cancer, AIDS took two decades, we've just given up...

If you don't want to get Corona, stay in your house, re-flatten the curve. What do you mean we're doing this forever? You can't do it forever. And we're not going to do it forever, that's the shame of it, we're not. Because Fauci is buying up businesses, people are-- Raymond James. No one thinks we're doing this forever. You can't do it forever, but you can tank the stock market, buy it when it tanks by 500%, and become rich. Fauci, Raymond James, Mayor of LA. Cahoots, cahoots, cahoots...

Right now I sold a shit ton of it because I thought it was going to keep tanking and I wanted to buy it lower, so now I'm stuck. I put it all in fucking that Chinese Alibaba thing. 'Cause I'm sick of the Americans and this Wuhan, towhan, woe is me, rigged game. At least the Chinese, I don't know what the fuck is going on over there. So I got 5 million dollars in Alibaba...

My plan was, invest in Alibaba, which is safe. I'm just leaking spit. Get money then put it all back in the airlines and the cruises. I just don't know when they're going to rocket back up and they are going to rocket back up. It's just when does Fauci decide to let it happen. Fauci is one of the great criminals of our civilization. He really is. And that mayor in LA.

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