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McCabe: Conservative Media Is "Obsessed" With Finding Evidence FBI "Set Up" Michael Flynn; "It Did Not Happen"


Former acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe reacted to the DOJ's decision to drop charges against former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn after evidence came forward indicating that he could have been entrapped by the FBI into making a guilty plea.

McCabe said Flynn was "properly investigated in a well-predicated case" and "was not targeted."

"The 30,000-foot view is that the Department of Justice seems to have completely capitulated the political desires of the president. To the fact that they have gone so far as to deny the existence of the considerable national security concern that my colleagues and I had about Michael Flynn in 2016," McCabe said.

CNN host John Berman asked about newly released evidence that former FBI counterintelligence director Bill Priestap wrote a note ahead of his interview with Flynn debating different strategies to approach the FBI's suspicions, considering setting a perjury trap..

"Conservative media has been obsessed with finding some indication of a set-up since this all started several years ago," McCabe said. "The simple fact is, it absolutely did not happen. I think those notes -- if they are in fact Bill Priestap's -- are indicative of that. The team got together and discussed the strategy, how do we approach this interview, what sorts of things do we think about? I think those notes reflect one person's internal deliberations across the range of options. We strategize about interviews every day. When we sit down with a terrorist, we think about will they admit to the crimes we think they have committed or will they lie about known associations? If they lie, will that give us additional leverage to apply in our investigation? That's exactly what happened."

"If I could back up just for a minute and reset this thing. As everyone will remember, the FBI was investigating the Russians and the fact that the Russians might have been inappropriately intertwined with or coordinating with the Trump campaign. We investigated Mr. Flynn because he had very significant well-known, high-level contacts within the Russian government. By the end of December, we hadn't found very much new until, of course, we stumbled across absolutely incontrovertible evidence that Mr. Flynn was having surreptitious contacts with the Russia government through the local ambassador.... Very simply, he was interviewed about those contacts and given an opportunity to explain why he was talking to the Russians. He lied during that interview. That's what he admitted to doing."

"I would point out that General Flynn was not targeted. He was properly investigated in a well-predicated case [ ] whose validity has been proven not just by those of us who were involved but later by the Mueller investigation and after that by the inspector general’s investigation. He was investigated because we had reason to believe he presented a threat to national security. I still think that those things are worthy of investigation. Apparently the president does not."

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