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Michigan Gov. Whitmer On Biden vs. Kavanaugh Sex Allegations: "Not Every Claim Is The Same"


Perhaps finding herself on a vice-presidential shortlist, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told CNN that she dismisses allegations of sexual assault against Joe Biden, saying "there is not a pattern" of abuse with Biden. When asked by CNN anchor Jake Tapper whether this position was hypocritical considering how Democrats treated similar allegations against Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Wittmer said: "not every claim is equal."

JAKE TAPPER, CNN: You said you believe Vice President Biden. I want to compare that to 2018 when you said you believed Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford after she accused now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh of assault.

Kavanaugh also, like Biden, categorically denied that accusation and Blasey-Ford, to be honest, she did not have the contemporaneous accounts of her view of what happened that Tara Reade does. You have spoken movingly about how you're a survivor of assault yourself. Why do you believe Biden and not Kavanaugh? Are they not both entitled to the same presumption of innocence regardless of their political views?

GOV. GRETCHEN WHITMER: Jake, as a survivor, and as a feminist, I'll say this. We need to give people an opportunity to tell their story. Then we have a duty to vet it. And just because you're a survivor doesn't mean that every claim is equal. It means we give them the ability to make their case. And the other side as well. And then to make a judgment that is informed. I have read a lot about this current allegation. I know joe biden. And I've watched his defense. And there's not a pattern that goes into this. And I think for these reasons, I'm very comfortable that joe biden is who he says he is. He's -- and you know what, that's all I'm going to say about it. I really resent the fact that every time a case comes up, all of us survivors have to weigh in. It is reopening wounds and it is -- you know take us at our word, ask us for our opinion and let's move on.

Just for the record, the reason I'm asking you is you're the only democrat on the show today, not because you're a survivor and not because you're a woman.

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