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Trump: We're Going To Build The Country Back "Just Like It Was"


President Donald Trump talked about the COVID-19 recovery, the oil industry, opening the economy, LSU football, and more with Louisiana talk radio host Moon Griffon on Thursday. (Source: KPEL-AM)

"We want to get going, I know you do," Trump said of the economy. "I know your governor does. I tell you what, John Kennedy, Bill [Cassidy]. You've got a couple of very good Senators there. They want to get going, everybody does."

"People want to see this country open and they want to get it fast," Trump continued. "That's really what's happening. I mean, most of the governors. And the ones that don't want to open, they are under tremendous pressure. You see that."

"I am behind energy 100-percent," Trump told Griffon. "I'm the one that built it into the number one industry in the country. And then we stopped it. We'll build our country back. You watch what's going to happen in the fourth quarter. We'll build it back just like it was. I think we're going to get I'd like to say just where it was. I'll be satisfied with that."

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