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Rep. Devin Nunes: We're Going To Find Out Flynn Was "Framed By Our Own Government"


Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) discusses investigating China's prolonged malfeasance and provides an update on the Russia probe on 'Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo.'

BARTIROMO: Congressman, you're doing a great job. You're investigating the real important things to the American people and to the national security of America. So, thank you for that.

While you have been doing this, your colleagues have been charging the president with collusion with Russia, which you had to take slams for, because you investigated that it was actually a coup to take down the president.

Let's go back to your reporting there and your investigation. Where are you on that? I know this upcoming week is going to be an important one for General Michael Flynn.

What can you tell us?

NUNES: Well, as everyone has been watching the coronavirus, our investigation continues.

And, most critically, there is a lot of new information that has come out in terms of things that were redacted or kept classified by someone, I don't know who, in both the Horowitz report and stuff now that is finally being declassified.

And the real question here is, is, why was this stuff being classified? Why were the American people being kept in the dark, still being kept in the dark?

We finally just got to see the FISA warrant that was used against Carter Page. There's still a lot of black marks, OK, in that FISA report. We need everything declassified, so that we can continue this investigation.

Why is General Flynn important? Because, on Friday night, thankfully, Attorney General Barr has appointed a U.S. attorney out of Missouri to look into what was going on in some of these investigations. And, now, we don't know what was submitted to the court on Friday evening, but we believe that it's possibly exculpatory evidence that the government had on General Flynn, OK?

And remember, in our report, the report which -- the House Republican report from 2018, it's the gold standard, OK, of reports. If you look at all the other reports, whether it's the intelligence community assessment, whether it's the Mueller report, whether it's the Steele DNC dossier, those are all a joke, right?

And the media has been promoting these -- this Russia hoax for so long. And the reality, you have a -- the former head of the DIA, who has been strung up here for year after year after year, in what was now likely, we're going to find out, he was framed. Imagine that, being framed by our own government and by political operatives who don't like you.


NUNES: And I think that's what we're going to find out.

BARTIROMO: And we have a timeline here that shows exactly the Michael Flynn situation.

Of course, he met Donald Trump in August of 2015. They were already looking into Michael Flynn at that time, because I guess he wanted an audit of the Department of Defense and of the Pentagon. He didn't understand where the money was going.

And we see that some of the money was paid out by the Office of Net Assessment. Stefan Halper, who was an informant, was awarded a contract of -- several contracts up to $1 million for so-called studies that he was writing. But we know that he also was running into Trump campaign people.

So, there's that.

You want to investigate and talk to a certain Russian individual. You say this is going to be very important for your investigation. Who is that, and what do you want to know?

NUNES: Well, what we have -- what I have talked about is, we're looking into what I call the three dossiers, OK? We're drilling down into those.

But because of the new information that's come out from the Horowitz report that's now declassified that we have been talking about for a long time and the FISAs, we now are targeting what appear to be three Russian Americans.

I think the most important one is somebody that we actually asked to come to our committee named Sergei Millian. He is hiding somewhere around the globe. We don't know exactly what country he's in. But we really would like Sergei to come forward and talk to us, because either he was -- either he was, you know, working for Fusion GPS and the Clinton campaign, and dirtying up Trump people, or it's quite possible he may have been framed.

We don't know which of those is true, but we want to find out. And we really need him to -- you know, he can call my office. We will be glad to - - if he's afraid to come back to his home country, the United States of America...


NUNES: ... we can make sure that he can -- we can guarantee his safety.

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