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Kushner: We're Working To "Make Sure We're Never Reliant On Foreign Supplies Again"


Senior adviser to the president Jared Kushner joins 'The Next Revolution' to discuss the White House's coronavirus response efforts.

STEVE HILTON, FOX NEWS: Welcome back, everyone. We're back with Jared Kushner.
Jared, sort of pick up on the point about reopening. We touched on it briefly earlier.
At the top of the show, we had Dr. Scott Atlas, who is really expressing a great deal of urgency about the reopening, particularly from the perspective of all the medical procedures being cancelled and the risks that we're running there, as well as all the other reasons we know about.
He was arguing that if we had a tighter and more specific plan for protecting the vulnerable, particularly nursing homes, then we could actually relax the restrictions much more quickly everywhere. Do you think there's a chance that you could take another look at the guidelines, put in place some recommendations, more specific on protecting the vulnerable so that we could actually speed up the process of reopening.
JARED KUSHNER, WHITE HOUSE ADVISOR: Yes. So, I saw in the beginning of the show, you were a little tough on Dr. Fauci. But Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx did a great job of putting together the President's guidelines to reopen. They work with the Vice President and the Task Force to do that.
And in it, it specifically highlights that each state should develop a plan to protect the vulnerable. The Federal government is going to be doing certain things with surveillance testing of asymptomatic.
HILTON: Right.
KUSHNER: We will be surging different PPE to nursing homes. And we're working with a lot of the governors who recognize the disproportionate risk that the older and the more vulnerable have.
So, look, when we originally went into the mitigation phase, it was because we were watching what was happening in Italy. And we were seeing that a lot of people were going to hospitals. They didn't have enough ventilators for people. People were on gurneys. They didn't have enough capacity.
By flattening the spread, that's -- and stopping -- and slowing the spread and flattening the curve, that's given us time to really develop now surge hospital capacity plans. We have enough ventilators. We have a ton of spare hospital capacity now.
In addition to that, we have a lot of PPE. We're on shoring a lot of these industries to make sure that we're never reliant on foreign supplies again.
And the doctors have also learned a lot more about how to treat this. And I would say the most important thing is that behavioral changes. People are washing their hands more. People are wearing masks as we're through the transition period.
And I think that we're learning how to live with this in a much better way, which will enable us, at least the people who are not high risk from this to start going back to work in a phased and responsible approach.

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