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Trump: "Fake News" Very Unhappy Ventilators Are In Full Production, "You Don't Ask Me About Ventilators Anymore"


President Trump criticized the media for not reporting on the significant manufacturing of ventilators at Wednesday's coronavirus briefing. Trump, touting news that a plant is at triple production, said the "fake news" was very unhappy about that. The president also admonished reporters for not criticizing Democratic politicians like Nancy Pelosi for holding a rally in Chinatown, San Francisco when the coronavirus was infecting the public.

Trump told the media that there is a lot of "bad reporting" and called out ABC News White House correspondent Jonathan Karl as "one of the leaders of the bad reporting."

QUESTION: If you don't think that is going to come back at the same severity that it is right now, why are you still directing the taxpayer dollars be spent on a major emergency procurement of ventilators? Tens of thousands.

TRUMP: Because we have to have them for other reasons. Something else could come. I mean, we didn't know about corona. Now you know about corona, but look at what happened. And now, we did have the H1N1 swine flu. We had that. We have other things that have happened. We had various forms of flu, but nothing like what we had here. I think it all like what we've had here with the virus.

But something could happen. I think that the stockpiles--we're making hundreds of thousands of ventilators right now. Nobody writes about that. You know what, the one time--all they talk about was ventilators, ventilators because you didn't think it was possible for me to solve that problem and I solved it and nobody can believe it. I just spoke to world leaders today who desperately need ventilators. They said the job you've done--and we're sending 500 to Mexico, then another 500 to France, we're sending some to Spain, we're spent sending some to Italy.

We have them--they're being made by the thousands and world leaders--I spoke to minister--I mean, I went through a lot of different calls today. I won't even tell you, but I went through--I can give you a list if you want, but I went through a lot of calls to a lot of leaders. Spoke with Pakistan. They would like to have some ventilators. We're going to give them some ventilators. But they all said to me one thing. It was incredible that you solved the ventilator problem because that was a big problem.

The testing problem. We've done more than any other nation in the world. Go a step further. If you added up the testing of every nation in the world, put them together, we've done substantially more than that. You people aren't satisfied. So let's say we have 350 million people in the United States, right? Let's say. And if we gave every one of those people a test 10 times, so we gave 350 people a test 10 times, the fake news media would say where's the 11th time? He didn't do his job. Trump didn't do his job because you have a lot of bad reporting out there. It's really sad--

QUESTION: --Mr. President, that's not true--

TRUMP: --And it's so bad--

QUESTION: --That's not true--

TRUMP: --You're one--you're one of the leaders of the bad reporting.

QUESTION: No, but that's not true--

TRUMP: --Okay, let's get on to another subject. I wanted that to be--

QUESTION: --Mr. President, can I follow-up on this real quick--

TRUMP: --I wanted that to be cleared up. If you want, we can get onto it later, but I want the vice president to speak. But you ought to get the news accurately. You ought to write it--if you take a look at what you wrote about the ventilators and when we became the king of ventilators, were making different factories all over, ventilators, by the thousands. In fact, Mike got back from Wisconsin.
The first thing he did, he called up. I said how's it going? He said you're not going to believe. He just saw a plant, a factory where they're making ventilators. I think I can say the words we're unbelievable. He said it's unbelievable when he saw the quality of the equipment, the professionalism, a terminus number of--how many workers would you say were there?

PENCE: Over--over 550. They doubled production and are about to triple production.

TRUMP: Nobody thought this could be done. The fake news was very unhappy that it was done. But you guys don't ask me about ventilators anymore--

QUESTION: --Who's unhappy--who is unhappy that ventilators--

TRUMP: --Everybody. Everybody because you never mention it. You never mentioned it. There's no stories--what a great job we done with ventilators. We are now supplying ventilators all over the world because no other country could have done what we did. And you should say that's a great story. Instead you say Trump was slowed or--slow. We were so fast.

Plus, we put the ban on so much earlier. When Nancy Pelosi, as an example, you don't say this, when she's having her rally in San Francisco in Chinatown in San Francisco, nobody wants to say that. If we didn't--and Dr. Fauci said this, if we didn't close our country to China, we would have been so infected like nobody's ever seen. When you saw the chart--and we were at the top of the list in terms of success, nobody wrote it. I said where--is anybody going to use that charge? Nobody wrote it--in terms of mortality, you saw that. Nobody wrote it.

Germany and our country, the most successful in terms of mortality. Nobody wrote it. It would be great if you wrote the truth. But let's get on with it because I want Mike to speak and then we'll take several questions on the assumption you'd like to, and I think you probably will. It's been encouraging to watch states begin to open up as a--and it really has been. It's a beautiful thing to see. As restrictions are lifted, we must maintain vigilance and continue practicing social distancing.

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