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Trump: Somebody Sitting In Their Boat In A Lake Should Be Okay


President Donald Trump weighed in on restrictions that state governors have put in place for the coronavirus quarantine. From Saturday's White House coronavirus task force briefing:

REPORTER: Thank you Mr. President. You have mentioned the importance of social distancing but for example Stephen Moore when you have pointed to your open the country task force is over organizing a protest in Wisconsin but aren't they in a sense protesting your very own guidelines?

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, we have a flexibility. I didn't see what Stephen said. I can tell you he's a very good economist. He has been calling shots right--

REPORTER: He said--sorry. He said, "we need to be the Rosa Parks of government injustices."

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: Well, there is a lot of injustice. When you look at Virginia where they want to take your guns away, they want to violate your second amendment. When you look at I mean look, I am getting along very nicely with the governor of Michigan but she has things don't buy paint, don't buy roses don't my--I mean she's got all of these crazy things. I really believe somebody sitting in their boat in a lake should be okay. They shouldn't arrest people. Some of them are being unreasonable I really believe that. They are being unreasonable but I think Virginia is a great case though because they are using this, they are trying to take your guns away in Virginia and if people in Virginia aren't--aren't careful that's what's going to happen to them so yeah, I mean I could see where he's coming from. I think it's a strong statement, a strong statement because hopefully this will be over very soon for all of us but some have gotten carried away. They have absolutely gotten carried away.

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