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Bret Baier Investigates: "More And More Dots" Point To Wuhan Lab As Origin Of Coronavirus Pandemic


All right. Bret, now, officials, what they are saying, they don't believe the outbreak was linked to any kind of manmade biological weapons program, according to your report. They don't believe the contamination was intentional.

Do we know this for certain, or is there a possibility that it was manufactured? Is there a possibility the spread was intentional? You confirmed in your recording they protected their country, but they left the rest of this world get this virus.

BRET BAIER, FOX NEWS ANCHOR: Yes, Sean, good evening.

There is really zero confidence in people I've talked to, publicly that this was a man-made virus. It you heard it Tony Fauci ask this question in a way about the lab in the White House task force briefing tonight, he said there were a lot of studies that showed it was transmitted from animal to human and that it was not genetically altered. That match what our sources had said and what reported at the beginning, that they didn't think based on the structure of the genome of the virus that -- that it was man-made.

Now, there are -- the thing that is inconclusive is exactly about the lab. But more and more dots, both open source and classified, point right to the lab. That's why we are increasing in confidence.

What there is 100 percent confidence of, and we reported this, and now, more and more officials are saying it publicly, is the level and extent of the cover-up China went to, and part of those dots fit into why there is such a point at looking at this lab.

Secretary Pompeo talking about it publicly today with Hugh Hewitt on the radio.

HANNITY: Now, 98 percent -- we do know this from SARS, most people may not remember, SARS was also a coronavirus, and according to the scientists and doctors I interviewed, when they broke down the sequence in record time, which is why we are in stage one trials for the vaccine, there was a 98 percent similar sequence as SARS, again, another coronavirus which would lend itself to the theory that they didn't do this intentionally, meaning, create the virus. It was there.

What is the exact evidence that, you know, they are giving you? What are they saying specifically behind this report that proves this?

BAIER: On the manmade part. Yes, well, they believe that this doctor, Shi Zhengli, who was working in the Wuhan virology lab, was essentially working on antiviral immunization efforts. That's what our sources are saying. That's what matches some of the reports that were out from the University of South China and others, that there were author's to study the virus in the very lab.

And basically that the non-manmade part is pointing specifically to the genetic mapping of this virus right now. And that it hopped from an animal to human, and it was not altered in its genetic sequence. That's what we get (ph).

HANNITY: And just -- and just to be clear, in your reporting, you are saying that it was -- the Chinese knew it was dangerous enough that they weren't allowing flights in or out of Wuhan to any other part of China, but they were allowing it to the rest of the world, which would say they knew it was that dangerous?

BAIER: Well, then you look at other elements there, dots on the board, that is how much they went to scrub all of the data. The fact that you can't find some of these doctors, including Shi Zhengli, who was working on it. The fact that some of the samples were destroyed, the fact that just today, Sean, the Chinese government re-announced an increase in the dots total in Wuhan by 50 percent.

HANNITY: By 50 percent, what a joke. That's sick.

BAIER: And that's just today.

HANNITY: Unbelievable.

All right. Bret Baier, great job, thank you for your reporting. Thanks for sharing with our viewers.

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