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Trump Plays Video Attacking Media At Coronavirus Briefing: "Media Minimized The Risk From The Start"


President Trump played a White House-made video at the daily coronavirus briefing full of press clips over the past few months about the administration's response. Members of the press were shown a 4-minute clip Monday highlighting media predictions that did not come true, a timeline of the president's response and how the nation's governors have praised Trump.

The campaign-style video played to reporters on Monday started with the title card "The Media Minimized The Risk From The Start."

"We have a few clips that we are just going to put up. We can turn the lights a little bit lower. I think you'll find them interesting and then we'll answer some questions. I'll ask you some questions because you're so guilty, but forget it. But most importantly, we're going to get back onto the reason we are here, which is the success we're having," Trump said as he introduced the clip.

Trump delivered commentary after playing the clip:

TRUMP: So we could give you hundreds of clips like that from governors, including Democratic or Democrat, as I call them, governors, which is actually the correct term. We could give you hundreds of clips just like that. We have them. We didn't want this to go on too long.

But I just want to say it's--you know, it's very sad when people write false stories like, in that case, I guess it was gotten mostly from the New York Times, which is a highly--I mean, if you had libel laws, they would have been out of business even before they'll end up going out of business. So it's too bad. But we could have given--you saw the statements. We have hundreds of statements. Hundreds of statements including from Democrats and Democratic governors.

And if you look, they were all saying we need ventilators, we need--you don't hear ventilators anymore. They have all the ventilators we need, which we were right about. We said you're asking for too many. You don't need that. And in all fairness, these two people right here, Dr. Burks, Dr. Fauci, they said I don't think they need that many ventilators. I said I agree. At one point, and I'm not knocking on New York for this, but they were asking for 40,000 ventilators and that's more than they have all over the country and we got them a lot of ventilators and nobody has complained. We got them as you know beautiful, we built hospital rooms all over the country. The governor of Louisiana John Bel Edwards was very nice he said you know what you don't have to build the second hospital because good news is happening. They are not able to fill the beds. They needed to hospitals. We built one, it was perfect. We were getting--we were just starting the other. I called him up I said you think we should build the second one? I don't think you're going to need it. He said let me get back. He got back, we didn't need it.

With Governor Cuomo in all good spirit and faith he wanted to have the Jacob Javits Center done and we built 2900 incredible beds, incredible. Then we make it--we made it COVID or to be exactly accurate COVID-19 and which was a lot of work. To change the ductwork, we had to seal up certain areas. We had to put areas of rooftop things over the beds. We did a lot of work and we had it but they never really had too much use for it and they called also, Mayor de Blasio rightfully he called he said would it be possible to get more medical help. So now not only are we building facilities we are--they are asking us for help because they are unable to man it and we got him the hell. We got Mayor de Blasio a lot of help.

Then when they Javits Center wasn't used much and then as you know the mercy, we took the mercy and we took the comfort and we made them both Los Angeles and New York, we made them COVID adaptable which was not easy to do and we didn't get almost any people sent there. They didn't need them at the beginning because they didn't need them for anything but this because there were fewer accidents, fewer motorcycles, fewer everything. And what we did was like an incredible job but they didn't need them. It turned out they were there, we were ready. You know the expression they have an expression ready, willing and able. We were ready, willing and able with the Army Corps of Engineers did was a miracle. What--what FEMA did was a miracle. What the doctors did.

So I got a call two days ago from the mayor of New York he said could you help us even more with medical personnel and we sent I think it was 448 doctors, nurses and respiratory experts, real experts and I got a call from the mayor and he said I want to tell you incredible, these people are incredible. He said they lifted the spirits of the hospital workers from New York City like nothing I have ever seen. It was unbelievable what he said, it was really appreciated and I let them know that. I let the military people(PH). He said he went in there so brave, so incredible. They lifted the spirits of everybody.

We did all of this work but when you read the phony stories nobody--nobody acknowledges this and it doesn't have to be acknowledged from my standpoint but it does have to be acknowledged from the great work that these doctors, nurses, the Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, all of these people they have done this incredible job and they shouldn't be abused because you take a look at what has happened. Nobody is asking for ventilators except outside of our country. Outside of our country they are calling me, every country they are calling me, so many countries and I'm going to try and help them because we have thousands of ventilators being built but nobody is asking for ventilators. Nobody is asking for beds because we build hospitals. I think we built 20,000 beds in a period of a couple of weeks. The job they have done is incredible.

With all of having said I'm getting along very well with the governors and if I would and Mike Pence had a call today with the governors and it was like a 10. I said how was it he said it's a 10. He use one of my expressions actually but he said it was like a 10 and I am sure you people were probably on the call although you were supposed to be but you were sitting in somebody's office listening to it because every time we have these and you know you would know that for weeks those calls have been very good but there wasn't a raised voice there wasn't even a statement of like we think you should do this or that. I heard it was like just a perfect phone call. It might not be reported that way. They will say I thought that somebody may be slightly raised--didn't even raise a voice. My only--my only point of saying this because I want to get back to why we are here the press has not treated these incredible people who have done such a great job they haven't treated them fairly. They are way off. We were way ahead of schedule and remember this because the time story was a fake but everything remember this, everything we did I was criticized because I was too early. If I waited longer it would have been--if I went way early, if I went three months earlier I would have been criticized you know criticized for being way too early. So with all of that being said we understand it. I think I have educated a lot of people as to the press and I would love to be able to say that we have a very honest press. Honestly, John, there would be nothing I would be more proud of if the press would work and I don't mind being criticized but not when they are wrong, not when people have done a great job. Yes?

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