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Fauci to CBS Paula Reid: "Everything I Do Is Voluntarily"


Dr. Anthony Facui is asked by CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid if he is apologizing "voluntarily" or if President Trump is making him.

PAULA REID, CBS: In this interview, you said there was push back. Where did that push back come from?

DR. FAUCI: No, it wasn't--that was the wrong choice of words. You know what it was? When people discuss not necessarily in front of the president, when people discuss, they say well you know this is going to have maybe a harmful effect on this or on that, so it was a poor choice of words. There wasn't anybody saying no, you shouldn't do that.

REID: Are you doing this voluntarily or did the president--

FAUCI: No, I am doing it--everything I do is voluntarily. Please don't even imply that.

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