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CNN's Acosta: Trump "Propaganda" Video "Looked Straight Out Of Beijing Or Pyongyang"


CNN host Anderson Cooper and CNN White House correspondent Jim Acosta react to Monday's White House coronavirus task force briefing.

"I think this was a total meltdown the president had in that briefings earlier today," Acosta said. "I have not seen him that off the rails since the days much Charlottesville, when clearly that was a failure of leadership, and to some extent he is back pedaling, because he knows the same kind of scrutiny is on him now."

"One thing we should point out about the video, which looked straight out of Beijing or Pyongyang, there were White House officials working on that video this afternoon. That campaign-style video, propaganda or whatever you call it, was paid for by your tax dollars, but the White House put it out there to respond to the criticism coupleding in the last few days, and the president was asked during the briefing whether or not he let too much time pass as he was offering these rosy projections."

"Keep in mind the president was trying to defend the actions he took during that lost period, but his words are also important," Acosta said Monday night. "Half of the country is following his words. When the president of the United States is saying it's going to go away like a miracle, like the seasonal flu, and he's in an echo chamber with other conservative media, and this misinformation is reverberating back and forth, that obviously will influence policymakers in states where those kinds of decisions are critical. That's something that the president is trying to erase from everybody's memories, but propaganda videos, temper tantrums in the briefing room just won't do that."

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