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Joe Biden: We Cannot Delay Or Postpone The November Election


President Trump said he had a friendly phone conversation with former Vice President Joe Biden Monday about the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic. Speaking with TODAY’s Craig Melvin, Biden said “we cannot delay or postpone” the November election, whether in-person voting is possible or not.

Watch the full interview below:

"Asked how he would be responding to the coronavirus pandemic if he was sitting in the oval office, Biden responded: "I’d accept responsibility. This is a national problem, not a local problem, not a governors' problem. I'd move a lot more swiftly. I'd not be pushing the responsibility off on others and I’d fully implement the Defense Production Act... I'd fully empower a supply commander... I'd create a bank production act... I'd exponentially ramp up testing. I'd open a new enrollment period for Obamacare."

About the ongoing primary with Bernie Sanders, Biden said: "Bernie has a lot of really devoted followers... If I'm the nominee, I can tell you one thing, I would very much want Bernie to be part of the journey. Not as a vice presidential nominee but just engaging in all the things that he’s worked so hard to do, many of which I agree with."

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