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Sanders: There Is A Path To Win The Nomination, "Admittedly A Narrow Path"


Sen. Bernie Sanders, still running for president, told NBC's "Late Night" host Seth Myers on Monday that he still believes "there is a path" for him to win the Democratic nomination.

"It is admittedly a narrow path," Sanders said. "But I would tell you, that there are a lot of people who are supporting me. We have a strong grassroots movement who believe that we have got to stay in, in order to continue to fight the fight, to make the world know that we need Medicare For All, that we need to raise the minimum wage to a living wage, that we need paid family and medical leave."

"One of the crises that we’re dealing with right now that we must address, climate change and education, all the issues that we have been talking about. Campaigns are an important way to maintain that fight and raise public consciousness on those issues," he said.

Sanders said he was looking forward to the next Democratic presidential debate: "What a good debate is about is giving the candidates the time they need to go after each other, discuss their differences in an amount of time that allows for serious discussion. That has not taken place up to now. The last debate I think gave us a little bit more time. I would loosen up the structure of it a little bit to allow for more interchange."

However, he did say that if he loses the nomination, he will work to elect Biden: "We’re seeing just how dangerous [President Trump] is with all of the misinformation that he is providing during this Coronavirus pandemic... So, yes, we have got to defeat Trump."

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