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Trump: Cuomo "Would Be A Better Candidate Than Sleepy Joe," "I Wouldn't Mind Running Against Andrew"


President Trump praised Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his response to the coronavirus and that he would not mind running against him for president if he is the Democratic party's nominee. Trump said Cuomo "would be better" than Biden as the leader of the United States.

STEVE DOOCY, 'FOX & FRIENDS' HOST: Yes, we saw that live on the Fox News Channel the other day. Mr. President you just mentioned the governor of New York that of course, Andrew Cuomo. There’s been some speculation that -- because he’s handling the coronavirus threat in the New York area the way he is -- I just saw a poll this morning. His approval rating on handling this is in the 80s. There’s some suggestion that, you know, wouldn’t he have been a better candidate for the Democrats than Joe Biden. I saw “The New York Times” editorial to that effect yesterday.
What do you make of that kind of talk?
PRESIDENT TRUMP: Well one of the reasons his numbers are high on handling it is because of the Federal Government. Because we give them ships and we give them ventilators and we give them all of the things that we’re giving them, Steve, and we’re giving them a -- we’re giving them four hospitals and four medical centers and all of the things that we’ve done.
So I mean one of the things -- and I think he’d admit this, one of the reasons he’s been successful -- if I said no we’re not giving you four hospitals and we’re not giving you four medical centers and we’re not sending you a ship, then he’s got a hold -- and we didn’t give them thousands of ventilators by the way and millions of masks -- because we’ve sent them a lot of stuff. Well one of the reasons he’s successful is because we’ve helped make him successful.
Now if he’s going to run, that’s fine. I wouldn’t mind running against Andrew. I understand -- I know Andrew for a long time. I wouldn’t mind that. But I’ll be honest, I think it’d be a better candidate than Sleepy Joe. I wouldn’t mind running against Andrew. I don’t mind running against Joe Biden.
I watch these critiques of me and they’re highly sophisticated critiques, I said, you know, where they’re written out Joe Biden has said and then they put this very highly sophisticated statement out. I said Joe Biden didn’t write that statement and Joe Biden doesn’t even -- I guarantee you he didn’t even see that statement. So no. I think probably Andrew would be better. I’m telling you right now.
You know, I want somebody at this country that’s going to do a great job and I hope I’m going to win and the polls say I’m going to win. Now it’s every poll says I’m going to win because, you know, you say he’s gotten good marks but I’ve gotten great marks on what we’ve done with respect to this. I’ve gotten great marks. And even from almost every Democrat governor, so I’ve gotten great marks also. But we want to always make sure that we have a great president. That we have somebody that’s capable.
I personally don’t think Joe Biden’s capable. We’ll see what happens. You know I wish him luck.

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