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Joe Biden: Trump Political Attacks Don't Warrant A Response, "A Bunch Of Malarkey"


In an interview Monday with MSNBC's Yasmin Vossoughian, former VP Joe Biden responded to President Trump saying his potential Democratic rival is not "capable" for being president.

MSNBC, YASMIN VOSSOUGHIAN: So, Mr. Vice President, I want you to respond to something that the president had to say about you this morning on Fox News.

Take a listen.


DONALD TRUMP, PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES: I don't mind running against Joe Biden. I -- I watch these critiques of me, and they're highly sophisticated critiques. I said -- you know, where they are written out. Joe Biden has said, and then they put this very highly sophisticated statement out.

I said, Joe Biden didn't write that statement, and Joe Biden doesn't even -- I guarantee you he didn't even see that statement.

We want to always make sure that we have a great president and we have somebody that's capable. I personally don't think Joe Biden's capable. We'll see what happens.

VOSSOUGHIAN: Mr. Vice President, your response to that?

BIDEN: It doesn't warrant a response. It's bravado. It's a bunch of malarkey, as they say in my family.

VOSSOUGHIAN: But we're --

BIDEN: Look --


BIDEN: Everything that goes out -- there's nothing that goes out in my name that I don't see. No one's authorized to put anything out that's not in my name. I've been through this before. We went through it in dealing with previous crises, including economic crises.

And, look, this is about -- just, Mr. President, let's get things done. Let's not -- let's put the politics aside. You know we need more of everything. Why are you not insisting it be produced and demanding using your presidential authority to get it done? Nobody disagrees with that. Get it done. Step up and do your job. Stop campaigning.

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