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Mitch McConnell: "I Wish Nancy Would Turn Off All Those Political Talking Points"


Senate Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) acknowledged Congress "might have to pass" future coronavirus relief bills. In an interview with FOX News' Martha MacCallum, McConnell said the possible future funding must relate to the coronavirus and not "Democratic policy agenda."

MACCALLUM:  So, in terms of the House, Nancy Pelosi basically said, you know, thanks goodness, we got our arms around this thing. Republicans wanted it to be just a big gift to corporations in America, and we wrestled with it, and we made it something that works for the American worker and the middle class.
What do you say to that?
MCCONNELL:  I wish Nancy would turn off all those political talking points. An awful lot of Americans work for big companies. So we didn't want to exclude the employees simply because of the size of their employer.
She knows better than that. And that's just the kind of thing that she routinely says.
I hope it comforts her members because I certainly want them to take up and pass this bill that not a single Republican in the Senate opposed.
MACCALLUM:  There’s already talked about what comes next, that this is just an emergency relief bill at $2 trillion. And as I said, the largest package ever to rescue the American economy.
Here’s Nancy Pelosi, just one more thought from her about what comes next.
REP. NANCY PELOSI (D-CA):  We had a proposal on pensions in the legislation that my understanding was, and I trust that it’s true, that the president supported, but Senator McConnell wouldn't do it, but said, we'll do it in the next bill. So, we’re ready for that.
MACCALLUM:  So what is the next bill?
MACCALLUM:  And how many more phases of this do you see, sir?
MCCONNELL:  Well, we have a pension problem but it's not related to the coronavirus. That's why it's not in the bill.
MACCALLUM:  No, it's not.
MCCONNELL:  The emergency bill that -- the emergency bills that we might have to pass in the future need to be related to the subject and that was a problem here, that some of the elbowing was going on when the Speaker came back from California and tried to get involved on the talks on the Senate bill, by suggesting a number of things that were completely unrelated to the corona crisis -- coronavirus crisis but more related to Democratic policy agenda.
So, we’re not going to use these --
MCCONNELL:  -- virus relief bills as a way to pass the Democratic policy proposals. That's not what this emergency is about.

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